Webinar: Telling Your Story with Data

Webinar: Telling Your Story with Data

Hosted by: Emily W. Salus, Sr. Director, Demand Generation and Marketing Ops

When we read and display it right, data can tell us wonderful stories — the kinds of stories that change our perspectives, open our minds, and light fires under our you-know-whats.

Telling a great story with your marketing data is as easy as knowing where to look for the important plot points. Once you’ve found them, you can report on the metrics that mean the most to your business, the ones that help you reach your goals faster, inform decisions about what to do in the future, and allow you to collaborate better with teams across the organization.

Our webinar — “Tell Your Story With Data,” hosted by our Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, Emily W. Salus — covers what those metrics are and how to report on them in more meaningful ways.

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