Leads to Revenue: Enable Accurate Marketing Forecasts

Webinar: Leads To Revenue

Overheard from the executive meeting: “Are today’s marketing activities going to support sales hitting revenue targets two quarters from now?”

Prediction is a buzzword. Forecasting is not. Think of this as forecasting using foolproof predictive data—using your own historical conversion rates to inform and fill your pipeline today.

In this recording from our recent webinar, see how BrightFunnel takes the guesswork out of linking today’s marketing activity to pipeline and revenue next week, month, and quarter. Learn how to use data from Salesforce and Marketing Automation Solutions to answer questions like:

  • What are the all-time averages by campaign group?
  • How does velocity of campaign groups compare to conversion rates?
  • How many campaign touches does it take to win a deal?
  • How does a cohort of leads impact revenue and pipeline?

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