Webinar: Beyond Activity Metrics – Measuring for Sales & Marketing Alignment


Despite their prevalence, activity metrics don’t offer a whole lot when it comes to delivering real value to your business. In fact, they often do more harm than good, and can end up driving a wedge between marketing and sales, as both teams compete for perceived credit. So how do you get these two infamously misaligned teams to put their differences aside for the sake of the bottom line?

Instead of measuring superficial things — like email open rates, social shares, and initial meetings set — both marketers and salespeople should (and can!) come together by looking at how the various touch points throughout the entire Buyer’s Journey have directly influenced a deal. Not only does this work to tie the teams more closely together, it also helps the company win more revenue.

In this webinar recording, Salesfolk CEO and Founder Heather R Morgan and BrightFunnel’s Senior Director of Demand Generation Emily Salus will walk you through the real steps you can take to align the two teams around the actionable metrics that really matter and answer a variety of questions, including:

  • Which metrics will help you better plan and execute your strategies to drive both leads and revenue
  • What you can do right now to better align marketing and sales’ efforts around the overarching business goals
  • How to improve ROI across the funnel for both sales and marketing
  • A few simple ways to improve communication between the teams to increase wins for everyone

If you want to start utilizing the meaty metrics that will better align your sales and marketing teams to make the most out of your funnel, be sure to tune in to this highly actionable webinar.

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