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We’re constantly working to improve BrightFunnel. The following are some highlights from our recent releases. Have a feature that you’d like to see here? Write to us at

2015 Releases

Q4 Release


Campaign Performance: A 360-degree view of performance at a channel and campaign level.  Note:  effective 11/9/15 this report is replacing Campaign Effectiveness and Campaign Activity reports.


  • Save time in aggregating & reporting against Marketing KPIs (leads, opptys, deals).
  • Leverage for planning/budgeting by discovering which campaign channels and campaigns are impacting pipeline and/or revenue.
  • Create visibility across the entire marketing team (content, demand generation and field marketing).


  • View top performing campaign channels across all key metrics (leads, opportunities, deals closed, channel ROI,etc).
  • Cohort analysis by fiscal time period and/or by attribution model (first, last and multi-touch).
  • Drill down to view all campaigns for a specific channel.
  • Drill down to any individual campaign to analyze performance.
  • Smart tables to search, sort, add/remove columns and export data.
  • Multi-axis charts to compare campaign performance (i.e. leads vs oppty sourced).
  • Custom tagging to analyze a group of campaigns across channels, i.e how content performs across channel.


Q3 Release

Deep Linking

  • Navigate the application without having to re-configure (i.e filter by campaign or oppt. or by date range.
  • Share specific, configured BrightFunnel reports (via URL) with others. Note we will continue to expand deep linking capabilities across the application.


  • Re-organized and re-named reports to improve user experience.  Key changes include:
    • Attribution Across Quarters now named “Trending” and listed as a “tab” on Attribution by Quarter.
    • Campaign Maturity now named “Trending” and listed as a “tab” on Campaign Activity
    • Moved Historical Averages by Campaign, Velocity by Campaign Group, Path to Sale and Velocity vs Conversion Rates under the Campaign Module

Type Ahead Search

  • Search for specific campaigns using search box on campaign activity and campaign effectiveness reports. Note we will continue to expand search capabilities across the application.

Orphan Lead Finder (Beta)

The feature analyzes your SFDC data to identify Leads that are not associated with an Account and matches them to an Inferred Account. Quickly search and find any orphan leads that belong under the Inferred Account to improve attribution reporting.


Q2 Release

Revenue Waterfall

  • Visualize the progression of leads and opportunities through marketing and sales funnel
  • Slice and dice the data with various filters: by stage, campaign group, business segment


  • Identify where leads & opportunities are getting stuck across the funnel.
  • Full funnel view from lead creation to deal close
  • Evaluate lead and opportunity progression across stages by campaign group
  • Analyze and compare campaign groups conversion and progression rates

Historical Averages by Campaign Group

  • Access and view historical average details of leads based on source campaign group


  • Identify which campaign groups are converting at the highest rates
  • Identify which campaign groups are converting with the fastest velocities
  • Identify which campaign groups are sourcing the most leads, opportunities and deals
Email us at with any questions, comments, or feature requests.