The Revenue Waterfall

Delivers automated way to track stage progression of demand generation efforts; Gives B2B organizations full funnel insights on marketing’s impact on pipeline conversions and deal velocity

SAN FRANCISCO — Marketo Marketing Nation Summit — April 14, 2015BrightFunnel, the pioneer in revenue attribution and forecasting for B2B marketers, today, at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, announced the launch of Revenue Waterfall™, a new offering which automates the tracking of stage progression of demand generation efforts. The new product extends the core BrightFunnel platform — which offers multi-touch revenue attribution and campaign performance insights — and furthers the company’s mission to connect marketing spend to revenue results.

“BrightFunnel has played a critical role in my decision making, by giving us a total picture of marketing’s impact on sales,” said Dave Hawley, VP of Marketing at SocialChorus. “For example, we now have better visibility into our stage progression velocities and can make scaling decisions with greater certainty.”

Revenue Waterfall is available immediately in North America, and is designed for B2B organizations who want to better align sales and marketing efforts, and who have implemented a multi-stage lead-to-revenue process. Unlike alternative approaches to rigorous funnel analysis, such as using BI solutions, Revenue Waterfall is seamless to setup and configure, offering value in days, not months, and leverages existing investments in CRM (such as and Marketing Automation (such as Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and Pardot).

“Being a data-driven marketer means more than just collecting data,” says BrightFunnel CEO, Nadim Hossain. “Marketers must harness that data to surface insights faster, and make smarter decisions every day, to produce greater revenue impact from marketing campaigns. With Revenue Waterfall, B2B marketers can finally have detailed insights into progression rates and velocities across stages.”

Features of the new product include:

  • Unified Sales and Marketing Funnel: A unified and comprehensive funnel view to analyze stage based conversion and velocity rates from lead to closed won. (Answers: “Where are the blockages in my pipeline?”; “What percentage of my MQLs become Opportunities, and how long do they take?”).

  • Automated Cohort Analysis: Automated cohort analysis to benchmark trends across quarters. (Answers: “How does my current performance compare with past trends, and am I on track?”; “What can I expect my SQL to Closed/Won conversion rate to be next quarter?”).

  • Dynamic Filters: Dynamic filters for funnel analysis by specific campaigns, channels, geographies or business segments. (Answers: “How does 2014 Tradeshow performance compare for North America vs. EMEA for the Enterprise segment?”) .

  • Real-time Alerts: Real-time alerts on how certain campaigns are performing and making an impact on pipeline and revenue. (Answers: “What’s changed in my funnel and where should I pay attention today?”).

  • Collaboration: One click image export for easy sharing of insights to enable collaboration on key decisions (Answers: “How can I share insights so we can make data-driven decisions collaboratively?”).

Revenue Waterfall is available for sale with the core module of the BrightFunnel platform, Attribution and Campaign Performance. Pricing starts at $2200 per month for the package, when paid annually. Trials are available for qualified customers. To learn more about BrightFunnel products, visit

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BrightFunnel is the pioneer in revenue attribution and forecasting for B2B marketers. For the first time, CMOs and their teams have a complete picture of marketing’s impact on revenue. Through multi-touch attribution and intelligent forecasting, B2B marketers can now understand the revenue impact of every decision, and align marketing plans with business priorities. BrightFunnel’s clients are data-driven B2B organizations such as Nimble Storage, Hortonworks, Hootsuite and ServiceMax. For more information, visit and read the blog at