Getting into the spirit of the season, we at BrightFunnel have been thinking a lot about what we’re thankful for, especially when it comes to where we work.

To celebrate Turkey Day 2016, we wanted to share that ever-growing list with our readers, customers, prospects, and — of course — each other, and take some time to reflect on and collectively highlight a few of our favorite things about working here:

Our product kicks butt.

BrightFunnel was founded by three people — two with technical backgrounds and one with a background in marketing — with complementary strengths that shaped the direction and vision for the product. Together, Nadim, Nisheeth, and Ranjan have built on this vision to create an amazing, cutting-edge solution that resonates well in the marketplace and constantly impresses our prospects and customers.

We have incredible customers.

Our customers inspire us. They are smart, they are driven, and they push us to become better. By giving us thoughtful, thorough feedback about how they’re using BrightFunnel now and what they hope to see if the future, they help us evolve and grow our product in really important ways. They are also always more than happy to advocate for us, which makes life at work a lot easier for those on our marketing and sales teams.

The work is rewarding.

Our jobs challenge us. The answers don’t always come easy (in fact, most of the time they don’t), but that makes the work we’re doing that much more interesting. It’s great to wake up every morning and feel excited about what’s awaiting at the office. All of us know that when we all put our heads together and work as a team, there’s no problem we can’t solve.

This team takes the cake.

We hold each other to a high standard and help each other achieve great things. We celebrate all of our individual, team, and company-wide wins together. We are an agile, self-managing group, and we all want to do well. Everyone here values and supports the integrity of our product, brand, and messaging. We enjoy a collaborative environment where people learn from each other, we are always thoughtful about what we’re doing, and we challenge each other in order to produce the best results. There’s a palpable energy here in the office — every single day, we’re all ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the BrightFunnel vision. There’s never a dull moment!

As you can see, we have plenty of reasons to be grateful for our co-workers, our customers, and the work that we’re doing here. We really are are one lucky team.

From everyone on the BrightFunnel team, we hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for contributions to this post go to company co-founders Nadim and Ranjan; Zack, Joe, and Max from Sales; Alex and Kevin from Product; Karan and Ahmed from Engineering; Steve and Drew from Customer Success; Emily and Heather from Marketing; and Amina from Operations.