Today marks my last day here at BrightFunnel. Throughout my tenure here, I’ve been able to be part of something big, taking in significant learnings—tactical and strategic, directly and indirectly—around B2B marketing, startups, and even life. Invaluable wisdom aside, I also got a chance to see really amazing things happen here. From seeing contracts pushed on the last day of a quarter, the raising of a $6M Series A led by Crosslink Capital and Salesforce Ventures, the launching of true solutions that B2B marketers involved in long and complex sales cycles need, and the initial establishment of our marketing and sales infrastructure of our go-to market engine for initial scale. As a farewell I decided to evaluate what has happened during my stay. These are fractions of my learnings from Suite 804.

B2B Marketing isn’t easy. Before BrightFunnel, I never knew what an MQL was. I had no idea of the many intricate gears and pulleys behind the scenes. And there are lots of processes involved when it comes to marketing a true solution to the enterprise. Compared to B2C, the B2B buyer’s journey can be weeks. Sometimes it may even go up to several months, a whole year or more, until someone decides to pull the trigger to buy your solution—after consistent and proper education through nurturing that is. In that allotted time frame, on top of marketing’s growing ownership in the sales cycle, B2B marketers need to be able to measure their efforts effectively. Even with the right pieces in place, it’s difficult for B2B marketers to get a real sense of ROI on their efforts. How are webinars performing this fiscal year in comparison to the last? Which campaign groups influenced closed-won deals this quarter? Which campaigns are having the most influence on prospects at the account level? And how can I track my marketing campaigns across all of my targeted accounts? Without clear definitive answers to these questions, B2B marketers are unable to prove their seat at the table, and therefore not getting the respect we deserve.

One reason as to why I joined BrightFunnel? The team. Gratefully, I’ve had the honor to share the field with talented and driven folks that have also made their mark at prominent SaaS companies like, Marketo, PowerReviews, LinkedIn, InsideView, and Netscape. From the CEO to engineering, each and every member shared equal passion and drive in BrightFunnel’s mission: connecting marketing to revenue. Being able to see this in action I took away how to build a great team. It’s that each and every person is a practitioner at heart. It’s that each and every member is data-driven. It’s that each and every sales hire has something in him or her that says one day they’ll be a VP of Sales. It’s that each and every member will cultivate our customers and advocates to success. It’s that each and every person is so bullish on execution. When you get an opportunity to be part of a team like this, seize it. They’ll rub off on you. So as Marc Andreessen once said, “Don’t worry about being a small fish in a big pond — you want to always be in the best pond possible.”

While my journey here at BrightFunnel has been a valuable experience as a growing B2B marketer I look forward to using my knowledge in the next step of my path.

Many thanks to Nadim, Nirav, Blake, Brett, Damon, Chris, and the rest of the BrightFunnel team.