We’re pleased to share with you a new BrightFunnel eBook:

The New B2B Buyers’ Journey: A Guide for Data-Driven Marketers

The traditional B2B “sales funnel” has evolved from a predictable linear model to a diverse and entangled path. How do marketers find ways to engage prospects at each step along the way, when the journey can be complex and unpredictable, involving any number of stakeholders?

In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Three attributes of the new buyers’ journey
  • How this provides opportunity the savvy B2B marketer
  • Three tips to capitalize on an evolving path-to-purchase

This guide will serve as a primer for B2B marketers seeking to realize greater ROI from their marketing investments through a better understanding of the new B2B buyers’ journey. We’ll examine how the journey has evolved in recent years, highlight the opportunity for data-driven marketers, and provide tips to help you take off the blinders when it comes to understanding how your prospects progress through it.

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