It’s no secret that having a healthy pipeline can help you exceed your revenue goals—but what is it that keeps your pipeline healthy? SDRs!

Sales development teams are responsible for initiating their business’ sales cycles, and those who run these hard-working pipeline machines are known as sales enablement leaders. Or, as we like to call them, Revenue Rockstars.

In this series, we chat with a few of these revenue rockstars to understand how they’ve gotten to where they are now, and find out what keeps their team focused as they work towards success.

Max Altschuler, Founder & CEO of Sales Hacker, is well known for his thought leadership and innovative sales strategies.

BF: What makes an SDR a ‘revenue rockstar’?

Max: Someone inquisitive enough to ask the right questions, someone organized enough to remember to follow up, someone passionate enough to make people believe, and someone smart enough to realize they need to cut their teeth before they can expect to have a cushy corner office job.

BF: How do you motivate an SDR team?

Max: First, they need to buy into the mission of the company and the product they’re selling. Second, they need a good reward, whether in the form of compensation or promo pathing, or a mix of both. Make sure they are uncapped and have expectations set in a way that shows them when and how they can move up, even if it’s just Jr. to Sr. level, or SMB to MM to ENT within the SDR function.

BF: How do you maintain the culture with an SDR position, which can have a high turnover rate?

Max: Make sure people are being promoted and paid. Even if they are turning over, that turnover should be positive and vertical, not horizontal. It’s bad if they leave to go be an MM SDR at a similar company if they were just an MM SDR at your company. It’s not as bad if that SDR job is a stepping stone to a much better or higher position within your company. If you can, make sure the leads are flowing and your people are making money.

BF: How do you celebrate wins on your SDR team?

Max: Spiffs are good, and leaderboards, too. I think mainly you just want the energy to be high and positive, and whatever you can do to get that energy up is a huge plus. Confidence oozes when things are going well, and your buyers can sense that and thrive on it.