If you have ever seen Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, you know that martech can be a crowded and confusing place. Plus, not all the elements and vendors on the supergraphic are relevant for every marketer and every business.

At BrightFunnel, we are all about revenue marketing and we want to help marketers build a tech stack that optimizes revenue generation and acceleration. And to address the needs of the revenue marketer, we created our own graphic to describe how we see The Revenue MarTech Landscape. We decided to break the landscape up into five distinct layers that map to a B2B sales and marketing funnel. Plus, we provide a variety of suggested trusted vendors so you know where to start! Let’s get into some more detail. You can download the graphic here.

revenue martech landscape

Engagement Layer

The Engagement Layer includes offline and online channels for both generating net-new leads and accelerating leads through your sales funnel. This layer breaks out many of the B2B marketing tactics and strategies that may be on your current (and future) marketing roadmap. We then included multiple key vendors in the B2B martech landscape that you might consider when engaging in any of these engagement tactics.

Enrichment Layer

Next, we have the Enrichment Layer. This revenue stack layer focuses on data prioritization and enrichment, helping you to understand your total addressable market, prioritize incoming leads from all your engagement programs, and provide data enrichment so you can better personalize your outreach programs. The two primary categories of vendors that exist in this layer are predictive marketing and data enrichment platforms.

Orchestration Layer

The next critical piece in your revenue stack is the Orchestration Layer. This is where your marketing automation and sales automation platforms live. Orchestration platforms help sales and marketing teams create the workflows around database engagement and outreach for moving leads from one stage to the next in your funnel.

Management Layer

Your engagement programs, data enrichment, and orchestration platforms eventually feed into your Management Layer—your CRM platform. Your CRM is the system of record that records and monitors sales, marketing, and customer success activity for each lead, contact, and account in your database.

Insight Layer

Finally, there is the Insight Layer, which ties everything together to provide you with full-funnel revenue intelligence and marketing attribution around program performance. Aggregating engagement program data, with marketing automation systems, ad platforms, and your CRM, an Insight Layer helps you continually improve and understand marketing performance and ROI—so you have a better understanding of your entire customer journey and marketing’s impact on revenue.