Being a data-driven marketer is tough. Time and time again, we’re asked to show how our marketing programs are providing value to our organizations and because many marketers don’t know that there are options out there for fast and easy reporting, they often end up relying on do-it-yourself methodology.

But that takes time, effort and simply isn’t always accurate.

We’ve all been there, right? Say your boss walks in and wants you to pull the current quarter’s top-performing channels and campaigns at the drop of a hat. What do you do? Scramble to Frankenstein your own Monster-of-Desperate-Data by hacking together Salesforce, Marketo and Google Analytics?

There’s no way your data monster isn’t scaring you and your CMO with its hacked together spreadsheets and graphs.

The tough reality for marketers is that DIY reporting solutions almost always end up costing marketing teams more time and money than purchasing a multi-touch attribution platform and often end up delivering you less than you wanted. Not only that, but these DIY methods require specialized configurations, manual calculations, and impeccable data hygiene.

In our new ebook, the 4 Big Reasons Not to DIY Your Marketing Reporting, we go over the reasons to say “no” to DIY, and instead, simplify your reporting-and your job-by switching to a multi-touch attribution reporting platform.  

Check out a few of the highlights of our ebook below.

Stop Struggling With Spreadsheets

“Working with spreadsheets is the best,” – said no marketer ever. Reporting in spreadsheets requires manual tracking of each marketing program’s impact, and after awhile, they can get big, messy, and hard to decipher. Not only that, but since spreadsheets are static entities, they reply on manual processes so they’re prone to human error, have version control problems, and the take so long to build that they often become irrelevant almost instantly.

The Pitfalls of Using BI Software

BI software often includes data mining, analytical processes, querying, and reporting. So, where does the marketer fit into that definition? While BI might be able to help a business with its more overarching questions and needs — it’s expensive, overly-complex, and is often configured and owned by a different team, which means marketing’s requests aren’t a high priority.

Why Multi-Touch Attribution is a Marketer’s Dream Come True

An independent multi-touch attribution solution that’s built for marketers is the way to go! From customizable dashboards, easy-to-read reports, and a full-funnel view of your customer, a marketing reporting platform can easily show how your marketing programs are delivering pipeline and revenue for the business.

To learn more, download our new ebook on the 4 Big Reasons Not to DIY Your Marketing Reporting.