We think that this week’s Funnelside Chats podcast episode is kind of a big deal.

It features Scott Brinker—the editor of chiefmartec.com, co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, and program chair of MarTech—and just happens to coincide with this week’s MarTech conference in San Francisco. (Be sure to come chat with our revenue intelligence team at Booth 1422 if you’ll be in attendance!)

From the state of the martech landscape today to the importance of holding on to the human element of marketing, Scott’s conversation with Nadim includes tons of great insights and advice across a range of interesting topics.
Below, we offer up our favorite highlights from our latest episode:

On the Evolution of Marketing Ops.

When Scott first started working with marketing teams, the role of marketing operations was not a very glorious one. But these days (over the past 5 or so years, that is), that’s all changed. Now that a solid marketing technology infrastructure is pretty much essential to the overall team’s success, marketing ops is a critical hire for most organizations. The role has grown in scope, too, as it now has the opportunity to partner with sales operations, using technology to bridge the gap and improve alignment between the two teams.

Being a Marketer is Hard Work.

According to Scott, marketing is one of the most difficult jobs out there. There’s so much going on and it’s changing all the time, so we have to be learning and relearning constantly in order to keep up with it all. It’s the only function in the corporation with such a wide-ranging extreme of responsibilities, from the more organic creative side to the more hardcore technology and data analytics side. You really need to become a jack of all trades to succeed as a marketer in the digital age.

The times are always a’changin’ (and that’s okay).

One of the big themes that permeates Scott’s interview is that of change—primarily, how to deal with it. As marketers, we need to get used to constant change because change is our only constant. In fact, bigger and bigger changes only seem to be coming at us faster and faster. Scott recently wrote and published a book called Hacking Marketing that’s partially about agile marketing and keeping up with change. He also recommends that listeners pick up a copy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Anti-Fragile, a book that explores how organizations can get stronger by embracing change.

So what’s up next?

The possibilities for what the future of martech could look like are endless—and that’s what Scott finds so exciting about the industry. He says that the landscape has grown a lot in ways that surprise him, and it’s very hard to have a simple explanation for that because there are so many different forces at work and they’re all happening at the same time. He loves watching people essentially remake marketing and sales—and even business as a whole—with all of these emerging capabilities.

To hear even more of Scott’s marketing wisdom, tune into the full episode. And make sure you don’t miss any Funnelside Chats episodes by following our channel on iTunes or SoundCloud.