The Marketing technology landscape is vast and varied. While marketers today benefit from this endless array of choices, evaluating why one solution may be superior to another is a commonly faced challenge. With our “Analytics Reviews Round-Up” series, we’re here to help—scouring the web to understand what real customers have to say about leading technologies’ analytics offerings to help you determine whether they’re right for you.

Marketing automation sits at the foundation of any B2B marketer’s stack. In our last series post, we covered Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA) solution. We reviewed what users loved, hated, and wanted to see from the marketing automation solution’s (MAS) reporting functionality. In today’s installment, we’ll take a look at another leading MAS, going deep on Oracle Eloqua’s analytics and reporting functionality.

Eloqua Analytics Overview

Eloqua is a leading provider of marketing automation and revenue performance management software that helps ensure every component of marketing works harder and more efficiently to drive revenue. Companies across a wide range of industries rely on Eloqua’s cloud-based software, professional services and education programs to help them automate marketing across channels, target and nurture prospects, and deliver highly qualified leads. Purchased by Oracle, in 2013, Eloqua’s software is now the centerpiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. 

In this roundup, we’ll focus specifically on the reporting and analytics functionality offered by Eloqua. As it relates to other components of the solution—campaign management, email design and creation, and nurture/lead scoring—we invite you to investigate for yourself, as Eloqua has amassed legions of loyal fans.

Pros of Eloqua Analytics

Great for basic reporting:

“With Eloqua 10 you have a very good reporting tool covering all activities within Eloqua. With the add-on can you even customize your own reports and adapt it to your needs.Verified Reviewer

“Hierarchy of information for a campaign [is a pro of Eloqua’s]. The way you can see in the campaign the different emails, landing pages, forms, etc. and the basics of how they are performing is really great. It’s also easy to keep organized and make sure everything is being linked to the correct campaign.” Verified Reviewer

“The reporting is straight forward and can be exported to Excel very easily which makes manipulating and working with the data simple.” Verified Reviewer

Exceptional support and user community:

“The Eloqua user community is strong and supportive. For me this is just as important as the features and functionality. Each of our roles and businesses face unique challenges; learning best practices, connecting with users and Eloqua support and staff makes doing my job significantly easier and my campaigns more successful.” Brandi S.

“Eloqua is a strong product that can dramatically assist you with your marketing. It is supported by an extensive community of marketeers who are happy to help you and a strong partner network who will help you achieve the smallest challenge or build super advanced CRM programmes. Eloqua also have a wealth of expertise that they will happily share to support your success. The combination of these this is extremely powerful.” Mark E.

“E10 interface, the campaign canvass and advanced lead scoring module plus the wealth of apps on the Eloqua App Cloud make Eloqua a modern marketers best weapon to score and nurture leads and deliver topline revenue to their organization. I also love the online community Topliners where other users can connect and solve problems without calling support and share new ideas to improve efforts!” Kurt W.

Ideal for understanding performance at the lead level: 

“Eloqua provides amazing insights into user’s online behavior. Once a prospect registers you can gain amazing insights into what content they access. You can see what emails they open; what links they click through and who forwards the messages. You can see what website pages they visit; what content they download and how often they return. Your sales team can use these insights to make smarter calls. And your marketing team can use the insights to build intelligence nurturing programs.” Steve K. 

Cons of Eloqua Analytics

May be too basic for some users…

“I think Insights could be a little more intuitive as it it just a basic reporting tool.”David B.

Reporting – The standard reporting insight is limited and lacks performance.” Frank G.

“The insights gained from Eloqua’s reporting I find to be very 20th century. Eloqua has a tremendous opportunity to offer insights based upon analyzing the massive data it collects across multiple tenants. Why can’t it tell what time of day a particular user is most likely to open an email? Or what type of subject lines work best? Why can’t it recommend what content I should use next in a lead nurturing campaign (think Amazon product recommendations)? Shouldn’t Eloqua know that 50% of users that downloaded white paper A also watched webinar B?”Steve K.

…without the added functionality provided by an Analyzer license.

“Good Reporting – but the functionality of the Analyzer license should be standard.” Dan A. 

“In order to pull reports specific to what you want outside of their canned reports you need to have an extra reporting license and training for it. The contact fields are also limited, so if you need to have hundreds of data fields recorded per contact you need to use “DataCards” and have some JavaScript experience.” Verified Reviewer

May require an expensive training/support package:

“I would definitely recommend Eloqua to a colleague or peer. It is very important to ensure that you have a success package that provides training and support as you get started. Additionally, I would recommend that they dive deep into the reporting to make sure they can track what they need to and that the system will provide the metrics and ROI that they will need to show for such a large investment… Reporting is difficult to use. Usually need help from Support to pull the exact information you are looking for. – Sonya H.

“ Have dedicated resources (both time and money) for post-launch. A healthy system requires at least one full-time admin, and I would suggest a few training licenses for power-users.” Robert P.

Doesn’t easily support multiple users:

“Reporting engine (Insights) can be slow and cumbersome to use. Some reports that seem simple in concept are difficult to create. Also doesn’t easily support multiple report administrators.” Ryan S.

In Conclusion

Looking holistically at reviews of Eloqua, most marketers agree that the automation platform’s core capabilities are best-of-breed and an indispensable part of their marketing tech quiver. With top-notch support and an engaged user community, issues are quickly resolved and collaboration is key part of why customers love the platform so much. When it comes to reporting, Eloqua does a great job at the basics to help keep users organized and understand how individual campaign elements are performing (e.g. emails, landing pages, forms, etc.). Eloqua also provides valuable insight into the behavior of individuals (or leads) along the path to sale. 

For users requiring a more advanced reporting solution, Eloqua’s reporting may leave something to be desired. While the basic analytics offering can be manually manipulated with spreadsheets, most users recommend an Analyzer license and/or dedicated resources to allow for report customization beyond the out-of-the-box offering. Some users noted the ability to have multiple report administrators as a limitation, as well.

Eloqua has been proven in the market to be a powerful automation tool and amassed legions of loyal fans in the process. Data-driven marketers who require enterprise-level customization and a system that’s usable by all demand gen users—entire marketing org, sales management, sales operations—may find that Eloqua’s reporting comes up short. Marketers satisfied with basic reporting, primarily concerned with launching a proven demand generation machine, will be very pleased with the Oracle Eloqua platform.