Let’s say for a minute that your marketing org is a football team. Your VP of Marketing is the coach, mapping out the best campaigns and strategizing the next moves for your team before the competition even knows what hits them. That’s easy to imagine, right? Now say you had to pick a marketer on your team to be the quarterback, who might that be?

Your demand gen manager is likely the one filling this role — orchestrating lead generation programs and overseeing your pipeline to make sure that you always have new leads and distributing them to the right players, at the right time. As you might imagine, the life of a marketing quarterback can be tough! When it comes to navigating the gridiron and ensuring your team wins more deals, demand gen marketers are often being asked to do more with less.

In fact, the 2017 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey found that 13% of marketers would have a decreased demand gen budget, while expectations for proving marketing’s impact on revenue growth was at an astounding 75%! That’s a lot of pressure on your quarterback to make absolutely sure that each campaign they run has a direct, positive impact on pipeline.

How Marketing Reporting Can Help Demand Marketers

Given the uneven playing field of high expectations and low budgets, more and more demand gen marketers are increasing their focus on measurement and reporting. The unprecedented ability to analyze, predict and forecast which channels and offers are leading to the best conversion of new and accelerated leads is essential for today’s demand gen marketers. This is where a multi-touch attribution tool can give your quarterback a leg-up on the playing field.

Think about it — demand gen marketers run a variety of campaigns like internal email blasts, content syndication, vendor emails and lead nurture plays. Needless to say, a lot of what your quarterback is throwing down is being picked up by leads throughout the funnel, and they’ll need an easy way to put together marketing reports that capture the full picture of how each marketing touch has contributed to a closed-won deal.

What Demand Gen Marketers Should Be Tracking

Metric #1: Overall Marketing Impact

multi touch attribution

Why You Should Track This:  Knowing how much revenue and pipeline marketing sourced or influenced in relation to how much overall pipeline and revenue was generated by your organization will help you, your CMO and CEO holistically understand the impact that marketing has had on the business. Your revenue team should set quarter-over-quarter goals for marketing sourced/ influenced revenue that come close to 100% as time progresses. This analysis and report should help your org address how to best move a lead through the sales funnel on an ongoing basis.

Metric #2: What Campaign Groups Work Best For Lead, Opp and Deal Generation? multi touch attribution

Why You Should Track This: On a weekly basis, a demand gen marketer should keep their eye on which campaigns groups are working best for sourcing the most leads, opportunities or deals. This report matters because it gives you the exact insights you need to determine if you need invest more into paid programs or double down on emails that source leads that have progressed to different stages of the funnel. Additionally, filtering this report by segments like company size, territory, or target audience will give you visibility into which campaign groups work best for each segment — so that you can set up targeted funnels for each pathway.

Metric #3: Campaign Specific Reporting

multi touch attribution
Why You Should Track This: Determining which channel and assets specifically work to drive the highest ROI for your business is essential for any demand gen marketer. Whether you look into your email, content syndication or webinar ROI — drilling down into campaign specifics will help you determine which programs source / influence the most pipeline and revenue, as well as which asset (or offer) work best for a channel. For example, using this report to look at which ebook performed best across content syndication, can help you hone in on the best asset and vendor to use when running paid programs. You can also use this report to look for programs with the lowest CPL, CPO and CPD to evaluate if changing your audience targeting or asset will help lower and high costs and raise ROI.

Metric #4: Stage Progression

multi touch attribution

Why You Should Track This: This report has to be our favorite out of the bunch because it immediately helps you see how you’re tracking towards your quarterly marketing team goals for lead and opportunity generation. On a daily basis, this report will allow any demand gen marketer to asses how many leads, MQLs, SALs, SQLs, Opps, and Deals have been created to date for the quarter. And, if you’re not tracking positively to your goals for each stage, you can use these insights to identify areas of the funnel that need more movement. For example, you might see that you need to run an accelerator campaign if your leads are stuck in MQL. This is where that campaign specific reporting you ran in the section above can help you get your leads moving from stage to stage.

Metric #5: Opportunity Analysis

multi touch attribution

Why You Should Track This: We recently wrote how your revenue team should perform a full-funnel deal analysis after each closed-won deal. By surfacing which marketing programs and campaigns are influencing leads throughout the sales funnel, your entire business can develop a deeper understanding of how to work better together. At BrightFunnel, we pay close attention to not just first and last converting touches, but every single marketing touch in order to identify value and effectiveness of all programs. Wouldn’t you want to see if your champion in a deal sent around a specific testimonial across his or her team before they became a customer? This report helps you understand what matters most to buyers as they make their purchase decisions.

Getting Started With Multi-Touch Attribution

If you’re a demand gen marketer who would like to run these reports to show your organization and understand your complete buyer’s journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to provide you with a closer look into our demand gen reports by means of the BrightFunnel platform!