The availability of data around key buyer interactions has catapulted marketing to the forefront of a company’s revenue strategy. Plus, since buyers are speaking to sales later and later in the buyer journey, marketers own more of the sales process than ever before. Because of the combination of data and ownership, marketers are being asked more and more to measure the impact that their programs have on pipeline and revenue. The CEO and CFO want to know–what type of return are we getting for the marketing investment we are making? And the CRO and VP of Sales wants to know–how is marketing helping to source and accelerate deals through the sales funnel?

Are marketers adapting to measurement best practices to answer these critical questions? How does your company stack up when it comes to reporting and marketing attribution?

Check out our latest infographic to learn more about the current state of marketing measurement and where you should be focusing your reporting efforts in 2018 and beyond.


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