Brightfunnel CEO and Co-Founder, Nadim Hossain, recently sat down with Leadspace Radio to discuss all things data-driven marketing, multi-touch attribution, and predictive B2B analytics and reporting.

In the podcast, Nadim covers all the big (and often quite geeky) questions about marketing attribution and forcasting. Every data-driven marketer agonizes over this but it’s critical to get it right to build an effective, optimized marketing machine. Nadim dives into:

  • The pros and cons of the different types of marketing attribution (first touch, last touch, multi-touch, etc.)
  • When is a company ready for multi-touch attribution?
  • The biggest mistakes marketers make with attribution
  • How does this fit with Account-Based Marketing initiatives
  • And much, much more!

To hear the full podcast, and get up to speed on the latest in data-driven marketing strategy, listen now: