Today we’re excited to publish the latest addition to our customer success series with brand a case study. Read on for an overview of how Nimble Storage was able to drive 128% increase in booking with BrightFunnel, or download the full case study today!


Serving more than 5,500 enterprises, governments, and service providers across 49 countries, Nimble Storage is redefining the flash storage market.  A data-driven organization, Nimble knew that the ability to more effectively analyze and interpret marketing performance would be a necessity in order to meet aggressive company-wide goals.

Nimble Storage faced several challenges that they knew could hinder their ability to reach these goals. These challenges ranged from ineffective campaign attribution in their CRM and Marketing Automation solutions, lack of insight into Marketing’s impact on pipeline and bookings, and the inability to seamlessly share and collaborate across the organization.

“Our marketing mix is diverse and constantly evolving. Despite growing investments significantly from quarter to quarter, we lacked a way to effectively measure Marketing’s impact on bookings,” says Dan Leary, VP of Worldwide Marketing at Nimble Storage.


Nimble Storage Marketing Attribution Report

To overcome these challenges, Nimble Storage partnered with BrightFunnel to do what their CRM and Marketing Automation couldn’t: analyze multi-touch attribution across the buyer’s journey. Moving beyond the limitations of their CRM, they were granted full visibility into campaign history, ROI, trends, and campaign-specific performance—helping them finally connect marketing activity to bookings.


Using BrightFunnel, the company’s marketing leaders gained the ability to easily understand performance with a single, consolidated view into their team’s influence across activities. With the ability to measure marketing impact using account-based, multi-touch attribution—rather than single-touch models—Nimble was able to:

  • Increase impact: BrightFunnel insights guided decisions that helped increase Marketing’s total impact on bookings by 128%.
  • Improve visibility: For the first time, the entire marketing team
    and management had visibility into Marketing’s impact.
  • Make data-driven investments: Nimble gained insights that allowed them to invest confidently, increasing marketing spend by 30% to improve top-of-funnel demand generation.
  • And more…

“Data-driven decision making has always been a foundation of Nimble Storage’s success. Partnering with BrightFunnel, we gained valuable new insights into how Marketing’s activities were actually impacting business. As a result, we’re making smarter investments armed with the confidence that our decisions will support continued, rapid growth.” 

– Dan Leary, VP of Marketing, Nimble Storage

To learn more about how they achieved these impressive results with BrightFunnel, download the full case study today!