We’re thrilled to be sharing a new video in our Funnelside Success Stories series, which features our very own BrightFunnel customers sharing their experiences with multi-touch marketing attribution and the successes they’ve seen with our platform.

The next video in the series features Thomas Zimmerman, Senior Manager, Global Demand Center at Lionbridge Technologies. As the world’s #1 globalization company, Lionbridge delivers industry-leading translation and localization, digital marketing, global content management and application testing service to some of the world’s top brands. With an all-star client roster across a multitude of industries and cities, Lionbridge needed to ensure that their marketing reports were as top-notch as their translation services when they brought on BrightFunnel.

Here are a few of our the highlights from the Lionbridge journey with BrightFunnel so far.

Personalize the buyer journey in real-time with Campaign Attribution.

When he kicks off the Lionbridge story, Thomas shares that BrightFunnel is not just an attribution platform to him and his team, but a central hub where their marketing team can consolidate and centralize their reporting. With this one-stop shop, Thomas can finally bring together all of Lionbridge’s different marketing touch points into one holistic, singular view. This was an eye-opening moment for Thomas’ demand gen efforts. He shared in the video that, “we can for the first time see, across different channels how effectively we’re personalizing the buyer journey.”

Understand How Account-Based Marketing is Impacting Your Funnel

As marketers, we know that account-based marketing should be a top priority. Thomas and the Lionbridge team had been executing ABM but struggled to get a sense of how it was impacting their funnel and business bottom line. In the video, Thomas shares that, “what BrightFunnel allows us to do is actually track the engagement for each of our target accounts and measure that against our database. Say we’re only engaged with 50% of this target account but we’re engaged at 75% with another, it allows us to make decisions on where to put resources.” These kinds of insights have been crucial for Lionbridge’s account-based marketing strategies since this reporting allows them to make timely decisions that impact both their deal cycles and revenue.

Multi-touch Attribution Dashboards Helps Lionbridge Be Agile

One of the features of BrightFunnel is a customizable dashboard that allows each member of your marketing team to see how their campaigns are tracking towards their marketing goals. Although it had historically been a struggle for Thomas to empower the rest of his demand gen team with real-time marketing KPI’s, they’re now able to keep a pulse on their ROI in real-time using personalized dashboards. “Day-to-day, week-to-week, we can check the dashboards and make quick decisions,” Thomas said. “We can understand where we’re being successful, where we’re failing, so we can fail fast and make the adjustments that we need.”

Want to hear more of Thomas’ BrightFunnel journey at Lionbridge? Watch his Funnelside Success Story!