This week, we launched our podcast series, Funnelside Chats, which features top thought leaders from across the B2B landscape alongside our Co-Founder and CEO Nadim Hossain.

Here at BrightFunnel, we’re really excited about this podcast for several reasons, but one of the biggest reasons we love the podcast so much is that we get the opportunity to listen to in-depth, interesting conversations with really some cool folks.

The first podcast in the series features Marketo Co-Founder and Engagio CEO Jon Miller. Kicking things off with Jon simply made sense to us because—as a founder of marketing automation giant Marketo and current CEO of Account-Based Everything platform Engagio—he understands and can speak to the Martech world better than most. And his interview did not disappoint.

Here are a few of our biggest takeaways from Jon’s conversation with Nadim:

We marketers should all read The One to One Future, like, right now.

During his interview, Jon mentions that this book—which he read as a college student—was a huge inspiration as he worked for, built, and grew companies over his career. His takeaways from the book are directly tied to Engagio’s mission to help its customers personalize every marketing action so that they can make account-based efforts more relevant at scale.

Hyper-growth requires three very important factors to line up at the same time.

Founders and CEOs take note: According to Jon, companies that want to grow quickly need to 1) be in a good category that is sprouting up at the same time as your business, 2) create a good product that pleases customers and drives advocacy, and 3) foster good sales and marketing alignment and execution.

A company’s culture is just as crucial to its success as its product.

During the interview, Jon says that there are two kinds of companies: those that are smart—meaning they have a great product and a solid strategy—and those that are healthy, or have goals like maintaining employee morale, attracting the right talent, and reducing turnover. When co-founding Engagio, he put a lot of thought into how he could build a company that could be both smart and healthy.

As a CEO, you can expect to get as much out of your marketing team as you put into it.

According to Jon, the amount of money you decide to invest in your sales and marketing organizations will dictate the results you see from those organizations. For instance, if you’re investing 90 cents into marketing for every dollar you invest in sales, you’ll most likely see about 90% of your pipeline being influenced by marketing’s activities. On the flip side, if you’re only investing 20 cents in marketing for every dollar spent on sales, the percentage of marketing-influenced pipeline will shrink significantly. Make your investment decisions with this in mind.

Want to hear more wisdom from Jon’s interview? Tune into our kickoff episode, and be sure to follow us on Soundcloud to keep up with Nadim’s Funnelside Chats.