If you’re a data-driven marketer who wants prove the value of your work, Do-It-Yourself reporting might seem like a sufficient way to demonstrate what your campaigns have accomplished for the business. At least it provides something for you to show your manager or the Board, right?

Before you start taking these complex reporting matters into your own hands, keep in mind that manual processes and homebuilt systems can often end up costing more than outside solutions — and then delivering less.

Here are five reasons you should just say “No” to DIY, and instead simplify your reporting (and your job) with BrightFunnel:

1. Multi-touch attribution isn’t just complicated — it’s wildly complex.

Whereas most in-house solutions aren’t much more than Google spreadsheets with formulas derived by employees who have little to no marketing expertise, BrightFunnel offers a team of marketing experts who have been building our attribution product for 4 years, driven by our customers and their marketing measurement requirements. Our dashboards power dozens of board decks and drive strategic decision-making. Solving to understand the full (and honest) scope of Marketing’s performance should not be regarded as a side project.

2. Excel spreadsheets compromise scope and visibility, and internal solutions provide surface-level metrics with no real depth or breadth.

Additionally, the information and data produced is static (i.e. a snapshot of one point in time) with very little drill-down capability (i.e. if you want to see the dollar amount attributed per individual campaign). With BrightFunnel, you can see the entire dynamic story — across time, campaign type, account, etc. — and then drill down into individual instances to dig deeper into the details.

3. Marketing analytics as a service is time-intensive.

Typically, Excel formulas take weeks or months to design. Formula alterations and data re-configurations take up a lot of time and often damage the integrity of the analysis. BrightFunnel updates customer models and data on an immediate basis, and it’s not subjected to human reporting error. Additionally, displaying the data in a BI solution is often impossible (which is why BI users regularly switch to BrightFunnel).

4. Homegrown solutions are not designed for marketers or executives.

Internal solutions are often owned by an individual (who often has another job) and do not provide sufficient visibility between teams, or to executives. BrightFunnel is built by marketers for marketers. Our dashboards are designed to cascade KPIs from executives down to analysts, allowing everyone to know — hour by hour — how Marketing is performing.

5. BrightFunnel provides extensive services and industry data.

Finally, as a part of our solution, BrightFunnel provides extensive benchmarking and best practices services. Wonder how your marketing performance stacks up against industry averages? How your event ROI ranks against others? We can give you these answers, along with many other useful insights that help companies build and scale the world’s best marketing teams.

Before you write off a more advanced outside reporting solution such as BrightFunnel, consider what you and your organization could be missing out on. From our team’s extensive knowledge of best practices to our customizable dashboards, BrightFunnel offers data-driven marketers — from CMOs and VPs to directors and specialists — an easier way to definitively prove what their work is accomplishing for the company.

If you’re interested in simplifying and amplifying the ways you’re reporting at work, contact one of our marketing intelligence experts to learn how BrightFunnel can help.