Ah election season. Shaking hands, kissing babies and yes, democracy. Power was once held in the hands of the few but now we all get our say, more or less. I think we’re seeing something similar happen in the B2B marketing world when it comes to what I’ll call advanced analytics. Multi-touch attribution, velocity, waterfall analysis… In the past these were the domain of the analytics guru you had on staff (if you were really lucky). After all sorts of data wizardry and a couple weeks of work, they produced reports like this… and maybe even an insight or two that might lead the marketing leader to change course or double down.

Things have changed. Dramatically. With a tool like BrightFunnel these same insights are instantaneous so a marketer can measure and act quickly. Also they are no longer just the domain of just the analytics guru. This really hit home for me when I spoke to our customer Heather Sutherland at Cloudera. She said, “Within a few weeks, BrightFunnel provided us deep visibility into measuring revenue impact across all marketing channels. Our entire marketing team (digital, product, and field marketing) now can quickly get insights at all levels – by account type, marketing channel, campaign and deal.”

Everyone on the marketing team now has the critical marketing metrics at their fingertips. They can now fully measure and justify their impact. They can optimize channels and campaigns effectively as they see the output of every marketing dollar they spend. It’s an exciting time. Marketers can ground their decisions on real data, not to mention show their work to their boss. The content marketer can fight for that $10k to write the new eBook because the last one drove $400k in pipeline. The event marketer can prove to the skeptical head of Sales that a $50k event sponsorship is worth it because last year that same event influenced 40% of their Q2 opportunities.

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