If you’re looking for the BrightFunnelers at this year’s Marketo Summit, you’ll most likely find us camped out in the Funnel Forest.

What’s the Funnel Forest, you ask?

It’s where all the revenue intelligence creatures hang out, of course!

We’ve added an element of playfulness to this year’s event by hosting a marketing menagerie at Booth S447. We’ve got Funnel Fox, who’s the best metrics tracker in all the land, reporting master Opportunity Owl, the always exciting Buzz Brigade, and our favorite closer, Rev the Deer. And because coloring books are all the rage right now, we’re prepping for Summit by releasing one of our very own, featuring all of these Funnel Forest critters.

Download your copy of our Revenue Rockstar coloring book (or, if you’re at Marketo Summit this week, pick one up in person at Booth S447!) and discover all of the B2B marketing creatures who call the Funnel Forest home.

To download this infographic: JPG (1MB)  |  PDF (high-res;  80MB)