It’s a simple concept: Find out what’s working, do more of it, and see success rates go up.

A good example of this in practice is through Cloudera’s marketing org, which has mastered the science of figuring out which tactics work the best throughout their buyer’s journey. After implementing multi-touch attribution and ABM measurement, 16 individuals on the team are now empowered to dig deeper into the true impact of their work. “Everyone can now derive better insights, make more data-driven decisions, and allocate resources more intelligently,” Cloudera’s Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations Ravi Shrestha said about their progress.

But how did they get to such a great place?

Entering a period of rapid growth, data management and analytics company Cloudera needed to become more data-driven in its marketing efforts. There simply wasn’t room for educated guesses or gut feelings — they had to know precisely what would or wouldn’t work. After failed attempts with both manual spreadsheets and expensive BI software, the team got even more specific with its wish list. They needed a single solution that would:

1. Easily connect marketing efforts to pipeline and revenue

2. Use minimal time and resources to deliver that full picture

3. Standardize in-house measurement for everyone across the team

4. Pinpoint Marketing’s most effective strategies

“We realized we wanted a real out of the box solution that answered our attribution needs and was easy to use and implement,” said Ravi.

Because BI was proving to be an unpromising alternative to manual spreadsheets — too costly and complicated to be sustainable as the company continued to grow — the team turned to BrightFunnel to help solve for its attribution problem. And just like that, everything changed.

The platform was up and running in just weeks, so the team immediately gained insights that would go on to inform their overarching strategies and individual campaigns. Multi-touch attribution gave the Cloudera marketing organization a more complete, in-depth view of their specific buyer’s journey, which helped them make more informed decisions about where to focus resources. The time it took to generate reports was shortened from hours (sometimes even days) to just seconds. And maybe best of all, the platform democratized measurement, allowing everyone on the team from demand generation specialists to field marketers to make smarter, more confident calls in less time. As Ravi put it, “This is revolutionary from a marketing perspective.”

In short, BrightFunnel ticked off every single box on Cloudera’s wishlist — and then some.

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