We’re so excited to be launching a new video in our Funnelside Success Stories series, which features our very own BrightFunnel customers sharing their experiences with multi-touch marketing attribution and the successes they’ve seen with our platform.

The next video in the series features Amy Bills, Director of Marketing at Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB). For more than three decades, Blackbaud has helped nonprofits, foundations, corporations, education institutions, and individual change agents by connecting and empowering these organizations with software, services, expertise, and data intelligence. As a global company powering social good, Blackbaud decided to bring BrightFunnel into their stack so that they could spend less time aggregating their data and ROI, and focus more time empowering their clients.

Here are a few of our the highlights from Blackbaud’s journey with BrightFunnel so far.

Multi-touch Marketing Attribution enables you to view at the entire customer journey.

As she shares the Blackbaud story, Amy mentions that granular, campaign-specific reporting in BrightFunnel has helped her and her team make data-driven decisions by allowing them to have a 360-view of all their efforts, all at once. The ability for Amy as a Director of Marketing to have wide-scope into what the ROI each of her marketing campaigns is and lets her easily see what her team’s accomplishing in real-time. Amy also said that she loves “not being locked into a single-touch attribution or someone else’s formula of what should be validating my campaigns.”

Reporting on specific marketing campaigns has been a “game-changer” for Blackbaud.

One big hurdle that BrightFunnel is helping Blackbaud overcome is the ability to dive-in to campaign-specific reports to determine the best mix of channels and offers for their buyers. As a company that wants to spend more time on social good and less time on number-crunching, it’s no wonder Blackbaud chose BrightFunnel for their marketing attribution. “The campaign-specific reports have been game-changers for our organization, and particularly for our demand marketers. ” Amy shared. She added that “They are really giving us an unprecedented ability to get a read on what’s working, what’s not working — what the impact is of our various efforts, and allows us to make some really smart decisions about what to keep and what to kill.”

Marketing attribution can be a confidence booster for your entire marketing team.

During the video, Amy shares that she leans on BrightFunnel reports when presenting to leadership to help her make the case for additional investments in marketing, and that it’s been empowering to easily demonstrate her team’s ROI to executives. In terms of how BrightFunnel has changed the day-to-day for her marketing team, Amy says that they’re able to put more resources into programs that they can see have been effective. “We feel really confident with the BrightFunnel reporting,” Amy said. “When we make an ask or demonstrate the impact of something — it’s real, it’s valid. We have a lot of confidence and that confidence enables us to do more, be more and get more for Blackbaud.”

Want to hear more of Amy’s BrightFunnel journey at Blackbaud? Watch her Funnelside Success Story!