[Podcast] Funnelside Chats Presents: Scott Brinker, Co-Founder & CTO of ion Interactive and Editor of ChiefMartec

[Podcast] Funnelside Chats Presents: Scott Brinker, Co-Founder & CTO of ion Interactive and Editor of ChiefMartec

We think that this week’s Funnelside Chats podcast episode is kind of a big deal.

It features Scott Brinker—the editor of chiefmartec.com, co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, and program chair of MarTech—and just happens to coincide with this week’s MarTech conference in San Francisco. (Be sure to come chat with our revenue intelligence team at Booth 1422 if you’ll be in attendance!)

From the state of the martech landscape today to the importance of holding on to the human element of marketing, Scott’s conversation with Nadim includes tons of great insights and advice across a range of interesting topics.
Below, we offer up our favorite highlights from our latest episode:

On the Evolution of Marketing Ops.

When Scott first started working with marketing teams, the role of marketing operations was not a very glorious one. But these days (over the past 5 or so years, that is), that’s all changed. Now that a solid marketing technology infrastructure is pretty much essential to the overall team’s success, marketing ops is a critical hire for most organizations. The role has grown in scope, too, as it now has the opportunity to partner with sales operations, using technology to bridge the gap and improve alignment between the two teams.

Being a Marketer is Hard Work.

According to Scott, marketing is one of the most difficult jobs out there. There’s so much going on and it’s changing all the time, so we have to be learning and relearning constantly in order to keep up with it all. It’s the only function in the corporation with such a wide-ranging extreme of responsibilities, from the more organic creative side to the more hardcore technology and data analytics side. You really need to become a jack of all trades to succeed as a marketer in the digital age.

The times are always a’changin’ (and that’s okay).

One of the big themes that permeates Scott’s interview is that of change—primarily, how to deal with it. As marketers, we need to get used to constant change because change is our only constant. In fact, bigger and bigger changes only seem to be coming at us faster and faster. Scott recently wrote and published a book called Hacking Marketing that’s partially about agile marketing and keeping up with change. He also recommends that listeners pick up a copy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Anti-Fragile, a book that explores how organizations can get stronger by embracing change.

So what’s up next?

The possibilities for what the future of martech could look like are endless—and that’s what Scott finds so exciting about the industry. He says that the landscape has grown a lot in ways that surprise him, and it’s very hard to have a simple explanation for that because there are so many different forces at work and they’re all happening at the same time. He loves watching people essentially remake marketing and sales—and even business as a whole—with all of these emerging capabilities.

To hear even more of Scott’s marketing wisdom, tune into the full episode. And make sure you don’t miss any Funnelside Chats episodes by following our channel on iTunes or SoundCloud.

[Video] Funnelside Success Story: EverString

[Video] Funnelside Success Story: EverString

We recently launched our new video series, Funnelside Success Stories, which features our very own BrightFunnel customers sharing their experiences with multi-touch marketing attribution and the successes they’ve seen with our platform.

We’re super excited about these videos since we strive to be each and every customer’s BFF—BrightFunnel Friend. We love being able to capture and share how we’ve made other marketers’ lives easier through revenue attribution.

The next video in the series features Linda Fitzek, Director of Business Ops at EverString. Backed by Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, EverString is a sales and marketing predictive platform whose algorithm curates more than 20+ million data signals from 11 million B2B accounts to find patterns and identify your next best fit customers. Since EverString is an innovative, data-driven company, BrightFunnel was brought in a little over a year ago to help align its sales and marketing teams and reveal marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue.  

Here are a few of our the highlights from EverString’s journey with BrightFunnel:

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets, complicated table joins, and manually pulling together massive table sets.

When someone confesses that putting together her marketing reporting before BrightFunnel was a “labor”—we totally get that feeling! Making marketing reporting easy was one of the driving forces behind starting BrightFunnel in the first place. Prior to EverString, Linda worked for a large, multi-national organization in the Bay Area and she said that “pulling all of her data together into something cohesive to determine ROI was quite intense.”

“BrightFunnel actually took all that pain away for me when I joined EverString.” Linda added. With BrightFunnel’s multi-touch revenue intelligence platform, Linda is now able to track down her marketing ROI very quickly, and she can also deliver custom reports to the EverString executive team and the board in just minutes.

Revenue Intelligence lets marketers check on the pulse of their impact on the business.

During our chat with Linda, she shared that there were two major changes in her day-to-day when she was onboarded to BrightFunnel. The first was how much time she saved and the second was how intuitive the platform became for the entire EverString marketing team.

“They can really own their own programs and their own program results.” Linda said. “So not only do I not have to crunch all of the numbers for the entire business, but the marketers themselves actually know the answers to their own questions. I can be more of a value-add to bring insights and help them tell the story.”

We’d say this culture of reporting has been working pretty well for Linda, as EverString’s marketing team influenced an astounding 90% of pipeline in Q4 of 2016!

See what’s working and what’s not by getting in-depth marketing reports in minutes.

“My favorite thing about BrightFunnel is the ability to layer custom data on top of our existing reports,” shared Linda. The flexibility of adding custom fields and filters such as lead-to-opportunity conversion rate or opportunity-to-close conversion rate has made it a breeze to see which campaigns are having the highest velocity and moving leads the quickest through the funnel.

Last but not least, the ability for Linda and her team to deep-dive into their metrics with BrightFunnel has made it easy to track which items within a specific campaign are having the most success. For example, Linda shared how EverString wanted to measure their ROI from a field event such as DreamForce. “We run email and paid media leading up to DreamForce as an event. Being able to layer the platform metrics on top of our existing data was really powerful, and the BrightFunnel team enabled us to get that really, really easily.”

Want to hear more of Linda’s BrightFunnel journey at EverString? Watch the second episode of our Funnelside Success Stories!

Funnelside Success Story: Ellie Mae

Funnelside Success Story: Ellie Mae

Earlier this week, we launched our new video series, Funnelside Success Stories, which features our very own BrightFunnel customers sharing their experiences with multi-touch marketing attribution and the successes they’ve seen with our platform.

We’re super excited about these videos since we strive to be each and every customer’s BFF—BrightFunnel Friend. We love being able to capture and share how we’ve made other marketers’ lives easier through revenue attribution.

The first video in the series features Doug Ricketts, Director of Marketing Operations at Ellie Mae. Since Ellie Mae began automating the mortgage business in 1997, a lot has changed within the industry and business. Even though Ellie Mae is a large, enterprise company, prior to BrightFunnel, Doug had to piece together his marketing metrics from various sources and platforms. This left much to be desired in his attribution processes and leaving Ellie Mae without a single source of truth.

Here are a few of our the highlights from Ellie Mae’s journey with BrightFunnel so far.

We should empower marketers to show outcome and impact on the business’ bottom line.

As he shares the Ellie Mae story, Doug mentions that BrightFunnel has helped not only him but his entire team get excited about reporting and attribution. With the ability of empowering each marketer on his team to have a seat at the revenue table, Doug has taken a subject that was historically a pain point for his team and turned it into a source of excitement that shows off the outcome of Ellie Mae’s marketing campaigns to the entire organization.

Speed to market increases when you can measure your marketing impact in minutes.

Another big problem that BrightFunnel is helping Ellie Mae solve is their speed to market. As a company that’s been revolutionary in the mortgage space, it’s no wonder they were looking for a solution that could increase their marketing efficiencies when they found BrightFunnel. “The flexibility to do transformation of (Salesforce) data is actually faster with BrightFunnel,” Doug shared. He added that, “marketing used to be known for doing great parties and great events. We wanted to be able to describe and measure all the actions that we do so that people could see their contribution to the company, and the company could see that contribution.”

Multi-touch attribution creates a culture of data-driven marketers.

During the video, Doug shares how using BrightFunnel’s revenue intelligence empowers his team to be “fast to succeed or fast to fail.” When it came time for 2017 budget planning, Doug and his team went back and forth on where to divert spend—should it be banner ads, events, or something else? To make the most informed decision, Doug and the marketing team spent time in BrightFunnel analyzing the effectiveness of their 2016 marketing campaigns to see what each campaign’s impact was on pipeline and revenue. They were able to easily see and determine which campaigns to keep, where to increase spend, and where they should stop campaigns.

Want to hear more of Doug’s BrightFunnel journey at Ellie Mae? Watch the first episode of our Funnelside Success Stories!

How to Rock Your End-of-Quarter Reporting

How to Rock Your End-of-Quarter Reporting

It’s that time again—long weeknights, multiple cups of coffee, and various unpleasantries thrown at Excel as marketers scramble to pull together our end-of-quarter reporting, right?

Trying to pull together the marketing metrics that matter at the end of each quarter can be very frustrating and daunting. But what if you didn’t have to stay up late to track down your marketing ROI? What if you knew exactly which marketing campaigns did well and which ones missed the mark in just minutes? Multi-touch attribution can make this a reality.

If you want to become a revenue rockstar at the end of each quarter, here are some best practices to follow.

Measuring Marketing Impact by Quarter

Starting at the top—it’s important to know how much your marketing has sourced and influenced your overall pipeline and revenue. Historically, marketers have had to pull this data from Salesforce and their marketing automation platform, which can be tedious and often incomplete. The main problem with this method is that Salesforce is only able to capture and report on the first and last marketing touch points that occurred with a prospect. But since a buyer’s journey is complex and nonlinear, this style of reporting wouldn’t be able to accurately tell you how much of your marketing has actually impacted your quarterly pipeline and closed deals.

With multi-touch attribution, you can easily go into the BrightFunnel dashboard and see quarter-over-quarter, how much your marketing has impacted revenue and the number of marketing deals won. Not only that, but you can see historically how much marketing has influenced past quarters to see how this quarter compares.

multi touch attribution

But let’s say your marketing team rolled out Account-Based Marketing this quarter. How can we see which target accounts converted this quarter? How can we also measure the effectiveness of account-based vs. outbound marketing?

In this example, we can see that Company A had $2 mm in new pipeline from their ABM target accounts and that 100% of those target accounts were marketing influenced! That tells us that their Account-Based Marketing campaigns were effective this quarter.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness by Quarter

End-of-quarter reporting at the campaign level is an essential tactic for any B2B business to make informative decisions on where to maintain, improve, or increase their spend and efforts. Without a multi-touch attribution platform, it can be time-consuming to compile reports from your marketing automation platform to see which programs were the most effective.

Speaking as a former customer (turned employee) of BrightFunnel myself, pulling my end-of-quarter marketing reports was always a nightmare. Not only did I have to set up complicated workarounds in Marketo to see how many leads had originated from social media, but I wasn’t able to easily see which of those leads belonged to accounts that had converted within the quarter.

end of quarter b2b reporting

However, with multi-touch attribution in BrightFunnel, that all changed. Attribution reporting by quarter is actually built into the platform and it takes just seconds to see how much my marketing campaigns have affected pipeline and revenue. Not only that, I can see based on our multi-touch attribution algorithm which of my marketing campaigns were the most effective. In the example of Company B’s marketing campaign, we can see that one of their most successful campaign groups for the quarter was their website.

We can even get granular within that campaign level to measure some key end-of-quarter metrics like how many leads, MQLs, opportunities, and deals were touched by our website and other marketing campaigns.

marketing campaign ROI

Taking another look at Company B’s funnel, we can see that webinars were the most effective campaign for the quarter. By drilling in, we’d be able to see which specific webinars lead to the most high-quality leads so that we can repeat that marketing program for continued success. With a tool like BrightFunnel that can easily measure the effectiveness of our marketing programs, we’re able to see where to optimize our spend, and which channels bring in the most high-quality leads.

Stage Analysis by Quarter

Last but not least, to rock your end-of-quarter reporting, it’s important to find out how many leads and opportunities landed in each stage of the funnel throughout the quarter. Stage Analysis within BrightFunnel is the easiest way to compile a lead-to-opportunity inventory report.

marketing stage analysis, brightfunnel

From this example of Company C, we can see how many leads/contacts entered the “known” stage over the course of the quarter and how leads progressed from stage to stage. We can see that this company has a strong progression from Engaged lead to MQL, with a 47% progression rate. And if needed, we can even get granular with these stages to see which source campaigns are pushing those leads from stage to stage.

By relying on this set of reports, which are easily accessed from within BrightFunnel, your end-of-quarter reporting will turn a daunting task into an informative exercise that helps marketers answer how effective their campaigns have been.

5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at B2BMX 2017

5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at B2BMX 2017

While we might be in the midst of a rainy season in San Francisco (and in most parts of the country), we can’t wait to escape the cold and heat up our marketing at the B2B Marketing Exchange event in Scottsdale!

Each year, this event gathers marketing practitioners in the sunny Sonoran Desert to address the latest marketing trends, such as account-based marketing, demand acceleration, sales enablement, and more. This year aims to be no different as thought leaders and marketing practitioners alike will get to mingle together for an inspiring 2 days. As the event approaches, we wanted to put together the top 5 things that we’re looking forward to at B2B Marketing Exchange.

#5 – The Sunny Scenery

When it rains and rains in a sunny state like California, we start to miss the sun. So as marketers from the Golden State, we can’t wait to soak up some sun during this event. In fact, to celebrate the (fingers crossed) great weather we should be having, we’re giving out limited-edition BrightFunnel Bundles that include everything you need to enjoy the sun, like t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, and more! Be sure you sign up for a meeting with our team to receive one.

#4 – Learning About Emerging Technologies

Being a marketing team that thrives on measuring the metrics that matter, we love keeping up with the latest emerging marketing trends. We can’t wait to hear from other B2B SaaS companies like Vidyard, Uberflip, and Marketo during the event on what they are working on in 2017. Let’s just hope they also bring some super amazing swag.  

Speaking about swag (do you sense a theme here?!), BrightFunnel will have a fun spin-to-win for swag at Booth 202, so be sure to stop by and spin to win during the session breaks.

#3 – Hearing From Our Fave Thought Leaders

There are so many sessions taking place at B2B Exchange. We can’t wait to hear from great demand generation thought leaders.

  • Nadim Hossain, BrightFunnel CEO, takes the stage with Tegile Systems to share how Tegile is bringing its business through a culture of measurement on Feb. 20 @ 2:30PM
  • Innovative marketer Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions will be sharing how buyer personas can help us turn prospects into customers on Feb. 21 @ 11:40
  • BrightFunnel will also be hosting a lunch & learn on Feb 21 at 12:40 on the Top 5 Social Media Metrics Your CMO Wants to See … and How to Measure Them!
  • Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing will be speaking on the top trends & best practices for B2B marketers on Feb. 21 @ 4:10PM

#2 – Hanging at the Resort

During our stay (and in between booth stints) at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, we plan on exploring everything the resort has to offer. We might cool off with a quick dip in the pool, enjoy a lovely dinner at La Hacienda by Richard Sandoval (Scottsdale’s top-rated Mexican restaurant experience!), or cap off the conference with an aromatherapy massage at the Well & Being Spa. The possibilities for fun and relaxation here are endless—and we intend on taking full advantage.

#1 –  Actionable Takeaways

Of course, the thing we’re most excited about during B2B Marketing Exchange is coming back to our revenue team with actionable insights that will help us meet our 2017 goals. Here are some additional can’t-miss sessions!

  • Thought-leader Matt Heinz will share 8 ways marketing can double the sales team’s productivity on Feb. 21 @ 11AM
  • BrightFunnel’s own VP of Marketing, Dayna Rothman, will be sharing how B2B marketers can turn analytics into actionable buyer insight on Feb. 22 @ 10:25 AM
  • Want to know the secret sauce for integrating ABM into your broader marketing plans? Don’t miss the session Heidi Bullock of Marketo is giving on Feb. 22 @ 11:05 AM
  • Social selling queen Jill Rowley will be speaking on how to transform sales and marketing around the modern buyer on Feb. 22 @ 1:20 PM

All and all, we’re sure it’s going to be a great event. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the BrightFunnel team at Booth 202!