As B2B Marketers, we are hyper focused on generating leads. We fine-tune and A/B test every last detail of our landing pages in order to squeeze out even a half a percent improvement in conversion rates. However, once we get that coveted contact info into our CRM, we seem to forget all about the experience that comes next. Rather than thinking through next steps, we send users to bare-bones confirmation pages that have nothing more than a link to a download, and the words, “Thank You for Registering.” What a missed opportunity.

We forget that filling out a form isn’t necessarily a sign that the end user cares about your brand. It just means that they were interested in you, or the content of the asset you were offering, enough to share their contact info. If they came to your landing page via paid or long-tail search, they may not have the foggiest idea who you are or what your company can offer them.

Confirmation pages present an opportunity to warm the lead immediately. Once you take their information, you have a chance to draw them in and engage them by providing rich content, next steps, and avenues to explore your website, all alongside the download link. Since they’ve already filled out your form, you don’t need to hard sell them on more lead gen. Instead, you can direct them to interesting blog posts, product pages and other context-appropriate areas of your site.

With a little tuning and testing, I have been able to drop the bounce rate on confirmation pages from 85% down to 30%. Think about all that work you are putting into emailed lead nurture campaigns that begin a week or more after the download, when you could have engaged these brand new leads right from the start, when you’re fresh in their minds.