OK, I admit it—I fell in love with a piece of software. There must be some kind of group for that. Before you judge me, let me explain.

I spend a lot of my time working (OK—there is definitely a group for that). Luckily, my husband and I are similar creatures, and we do similar things—Salesforce.com, Marketo, lead generation…you get the idea. I am sure you can imagine how exciting our conversations can be over a romantic dinner.

Anything that makes my work life easier is something that grabs my attention. As a VP of Marketing, there is always a lot going on—and because I get to be the biggest spender in the organization (yyyassss), something that helps me crunch the numbers and run reports on how my marketing programs are performing compared to my spend can seem like a marketing miracle. And that is how BrightFunnel and I were introduced.

The Measurement Problem

I worked at Marketo for over three years. Besides the fact that the platform itself has analytics capabilities, the marketing team culture was also very analytics driven. However, I ran content marketing and was not an analytics wiz myself, so measurement was always a challenge. Using the pre-built measurement tools in Marketo wasn’t the most intuitive action—plus, as any content marketer can attest to—measuring content is challenging. There had to be an easier way to look at true marketing program impact.

I will let you in on a little secret: Numbers aren’t naturally my thing, and analytics don’t come easily to me. As Jon Miller, the Co-Founder of Marketo (and my manager there), frequently used to tell me, “Dayna, you have to be more analytics driven—you have to work at that.” I am naturally more of a right-brained, creative thinker, but a goal of mine was to become more left-brained and analytical—because not being an analytical marketer would be a huge CLM—a career limiting move.

At my next role at EverString, I took on more responsibility running demand generation and, eventually, the entire marketing organization. I wanted measurement to be a key part of how I ran my team. My executives were entrusting a lot of budget to me and I wanted to show them beyond a shadow of a doubt how much of a revenue driver marketing could be.

And I wanted measurement to be something my entire team was on-board with.

Enter BrightFunnel

One of the reasons I initially looked into BrightFunnel was to help me solve the content measurement problem—I wanted to see, regardless of program, how a content asset performed across every single channel. Not an easy feat!

We chose BrightFunnel to help us solve the measurement problem and I never turned back. All of a sudden, I had so much more insight into how everything was performing—which helped my whole team make much better decisions. Plus, the platform was incredibly easy to use, so creating a culture of measurement amongst the team was easy.

BrightFunnel helped me run multiple levels of reporting—team reporting, executive reporting, and board level reporting. Pulling reports was simple, the board was happy, and all was well in marketing analytics land.

Stack-Ranking the Stack

We had a huge tech stack at EverString. I mean, we tried everything under the sun—and there are a lot of marketing technology tools to choose from. But when I thought about my top “ride-or-die” software platforms, only a few made the cut—and BrightFunnel was one of them.

To me, BrightFunnel was an absolute must-have. Not only had it helped me create a culture of analytics on my team and show marketing’s impact on revenue, it also helped me overcome my personal fear of analytics.

Working for BrightFunnel—My Ride-or-Die Martech Software

So, what happens when you fall in love with a software platform? Well, you go and work for them. And that is exactly what I did with BrightFunnel.

The stars aligned, the timing was right, and I came on board as VP of Marketing to build out and run marketing and sales development. Plus, I get to evangelize the software platform to all of marketing, letting them know that measurement can be easy and needs to be a part of your day-to-day.

I am super excited to be on board and can’t wait to hit the ground running this Q1!