Marketers these days know that effective email marketing isn’t just about building a subscriber list. Although you may get your emails into more people’s inboxes with this strategy; it’s not worth much if no one actually opens them.

Maybe you’re just starting out, and you want to make sure you engage with early customers. Maybe your email open rate is stagnating, and you’re looking for a way to give it a boost.

Either way, getting customers to open your emails doesn’t have to be difficult. Just keep these essential tips in mind!

Focus on Your Subject Lines

An enticing subject line can grab your customer’s attention and lets them know precisely why they need to read your email. Avoid generic and formulaic lines, like “Your Weekly Update.” Instead, find a way to make them unique and personal without making false promises about what readers can expect.

Remember that your customers are busy. They want to know that if they do open your email, they’ll be able to consume your content easily. This is especially important if customers are reading your emails on mobile phones.

By formatting your subject line like the headline of a list article (“10 Things You Need to Know About Personal Finance”), you can let readers know that the content of the message is clearly organized for rapid consumption.

If your feel your email will be particularly useful to readers, you could even tease your content in the subject line, rather than having a mundane explanation of what information they’ll find in it.

Send Emails at Ideal Times of Day

When starting a new email campaign, try breaking up your mailing list into three different segments. Send each section the same email, but at different times of the day.

After a few weeks, review your open rate to determine when readers are most likely to click on your emails. Once you’ve found the ideal time, be consistent by sending emails at the same hour every day.

Verify Your Emails

There’s no point in sending emails if the recipient does not exist or no longer works at the company. When people sign up for newsletters, especially if it’s an incentivized offer, they’re often prone to using fake emails.

Avoid bad email addresses by using an email checker. These services will clean and verify your subscriber lists so you have a better chance of reaching inboxes and increasing open rates.

Get Familiar

The better you know your audience, the easier it is to draft emails they’ll want to open.

There are several tactics you can use to learn more about your customers. You could send a brief survey designed to help you identify what topics your readers are most interested in learning about.

A one-question poll is also effective. Just make sure your questions are limited and to the point, regardless of which strategy you choose. Customers aren’t likely to participate if they have to spend a lot of time answering questions.

You could also generate reports showing which emails received the most opens. Sort them by topic to see if there are any trends. This provides valuable information without requiring customers to engage personally.

Tweak Your Sign-Up Strategy

Despite being an essential component of any successful email marketing campaign, marketers often forget that sometimes their sign-up strategies need to be adjusted in order to attract more people who will enjoy receiving their emails. 

Make sure that when you ask people to join your email list, they clearly understand why they should, what types of content they can expect, and, ideally, how often they’ll receive your emails.

You also want to give your customers a legitimate choice when it comes to signing up. If they start getting messages from you simply because they provided their email address when filling out an unrelated form on your site, they may think of you as a spammer.

You don’t need to completely revamp your entire campaign if you’re not getting as many opens as you’d like. These basic strategies don’t require much effort on your part, but they can yield substantial rewards.

email marketing ROI

Bonus: Measure Your Email Marketing

Once you’ve used these tactics to increase your open rates, it’s important to measure how your emails with their improved open rates are impacting your pipeline and revenue. Although you can measure your open rates and clicks in your marketing automation platform, you should also see how it’s affecting potential customers by using a multi-touch attribution tool.

By using a Revenue Intelligence platform like BrightFunnel, you can see how many touches and attirbuted pipeline your emails are having with customers.

This article was a guest blog contributed by Nick Harley. He is the Senior Content Specialist for NeverBounce, the leading real-time email verification and cleaning service. With a background in journalism, public relations, and social media, Harley is interested in helping organizations and brands understand the importance of storytelling and the channels where those stories are delivered.