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“Salesforce was only telling us a small portion of Marketing’s impact on sales. With BrightFunnel, we get the complete picture.”

Janelle Donovan
Sr. Director of Marketing, ServiceMax

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Nimble Storage Drives 128% Increase in Marketing-Influenced Bookings with BrightFunnel

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BrightFunnel Provides Total Visibility to Marketing’s Impact on Sales at ServiceMax

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What our customers are saying…

“Data-driven decision making has been a foundation of Nimble Storage’s success. BrightFunnel has given us valuable new insights into the true impact of our marketing activities on the business. As a result, we’re making smarter investments with the confidence that we can support continued rapid growth.”

Dan Leary
VP Marketing, Nimble Storage

“Within a few weeks, BrightFunnel provided us deep visibility into measuring revenue impact across all marketing channels offline & online. Time to value was critical for us, having tested other BI solutions and as a fast moving business, we couldn’t afford to wait months for answers.”

Heather Sutherland
Sr. Director, Demand Generation & Marketing Operations, Cloudera

“BrightFunnel has helped us become a more data-driven organization. By measuring the revenue impact of our marketing investments, we have increased our focus on marketing activities that drive results, and have brought sales and marketing closer together.”

Julian Hannabuss
Director of Revenue Operations, HootSuite

“BrightFunnel has played a critical role in my decision making, by giving us a total picture of marketing’s impact on sales. For example, we now have better visibility into our stage progression velocities and can make scaling decisions with greater certainty.”

Dave Hawley
VP Marketing, SocialChorus

“Advanced marketing analytics reports used to take a week for our business intelligence analyst to build – now I can pull them myself in just minutes in BrightFunnel. I love what I get out of BrightFunnel and I’d guess that we’re only using 30% of it currently. I’m excited for our team to use it in new ways, particularly as we continue to dive deeper into Revenue Forecasting and Account-Based Marketing.”

Julia Stead
Director of Demand Generation, Invoca

“BrightFunnel lets me see all of the leads that are directly tied to a given campaign throughout the funnel, which helps me make data-driven decisions around budget planning. I can determine exactly where we should or shouldn’t invest based on actual historical successes.”

Patrick Kehoe
CMO, Coalfire

“Before BrightFunnel, there was no concrete way of knowing how much we’d been influencing specific deals or accounts. Now, we know exactly which marketing tactics are working. We’re able to look at the performance of specific campaigns and campaign groups, and we just know what’s going to work.”

Philip Wang
Marketing Technology Manager, Coalfire

“BrightFunnel lets us be more strategic in our decision-making instead of relying on campaign performance guesstimates. Full-funnel attribution and waterfall analysis let us see exactly where we need to focus our marketing efforts in order to increase deal velocity and move more opportunities through the funnel to closed-won.”

Josh Lucas
Marketing Operations Coordinator, Tegile

“There’s vanity stack — and there is must have stack. Brightfunnel is must have.”

Eddie Morales
Director of Demand Generation, Revel Systems

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