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We love our BrightFunnel Friends and work hard to help them succeed.

Our Customers Are Our BFFs.

We love our BrightFunnel Friends and work hard to help them succeed.

Our Customers

With BrightFunnel, I can make data-driven decisions in my budget planning–I know exactly where we should and shouldn’t be investing based on past success.

Patrick Kehoe,
CMO, Coalfire

Advanced marketing analytics reporting used to take a week for our BI team to build. Now I can pull them myself… in minutes.

Julie Stead,
Director of Demand Generation, Invoca

As a result of BrightFunnel, we are making smarter marketing investments and are confident that our decisions will support continued, rapid growth.

Dan Leary,
VP of Worldwide Marketing, Nimble Storage

In just a few short weeks, BrightFunnel enabled our entire marketing team (digital, product, and field marketing) to quickly get insights at all levels–by account, marketing channel, campaign, and deal.

Heather Sutherland,
Sr. Director, Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, Cloudera

BrightFunnel works as the operating system for Cloudera’s entire marketing organization. Everyone on the team can now get better insights, make more data-driven decisions, and allocate resources more effectively.

Ravi Shrestha,
Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, Cloudera

Campaign-specific reports have been game-changers for our organization, and particularly for our demand marketers. They are giving us an unprecedented ability to get a read on what’s working, what’s not working — what the impact is of our various efforts, and allows us to make some really smart decisions about what to keep and what to kill.

Amy Bills,
Director of Marketing, Blackbaud

Before BrightFunnel, we had no real way of measuring marketing influence on deals. By measuring the performance of specific campaigns and channels, we just know what’s going to work.

Philip Wang,
Marketing Technology Manager, Coalfire

BrightFunnel allows us to track the engagement for each of our target accounts and measure that against our database. Say we’re only engaged with 50% of this target account but we’re engaged at 75% with another, we can make quick decisions on where to put resources.

Thomas Zimmerman,
Senior Manager, Global Demand Center at Lionbridge Technologies

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