How Tegile Uses Data to Bring Marketing and Sales Closer Together

How Tegile Uses Data to Bring Marketing and Sales Closer Together

Sure — if you’re lucky (or psychic), opinions and gut feelings do sometimes yield great results. But when it comes to making serious business decisions, it’s usually best to instead rely on cold, hard, indisputable data. Because data is (obviously) impartial, it doesn’t take sides, and instead works as an olive branch to bring teams together where before those gut feelings may have driven a wedge.

Just take a look back at the history of Tegile Systems’ Marketing and Sales teams. They couldn’t agree on what could have been simple things — such as what a qualified lead looked like — and they didn’t trust each other because the teams and their KPIs were so siloed. Sales believed one thing, Marketing believed another, and the two couldn’t find common ground because the metrics they were reporting on weren’t consistent or conclusive. Because of a lack of normalization in the database, even the Executive team didn’t thoroughly trust the reports that were coming out of Marketing.

The team needed to figure out how they could:

  • Look at metrics that would add value for both Marketing and Sales
  • Report on what they were accomplishing for the business beyond generating leads
  • Normalize and optimize the system of record to inspire more trust in the end results
  • Make better decisions about how to allocate resources

Marketing recognized that it had a serious reporting problem, and they set out to solve it by implementing BrightFunnel’s platform as a source of conclusive truth across the company. Marketing Operations Coordinator Josh Lucas described this by telling us that “We wanted to see what was helping to drive Sales and the business. What’s delivering pipeline and revenue? Where should we continue to invest? What isn’t performing as well as we’d thought? These are the kind of questions we could start digging into with BrightFunnel.”

So what happened after they made the switch, normalizing data across the board and providing accurate metrics around campaign performance where before there were discrepancies? For starters, Marketing was suddenly able agree with Sales on what a quality lead looked like, and which campaigns they should focus on to bring in the most ROI.

As Josh put it, “There were programs that Sales didn’t think were working, but Marketing could confirm that they were in fact seeing success. On the flip side, there were events that the Marketing team thought were successful, but then the data would show that no real revenue was coming out of them. The data increased the base-level of trust between the different teams, which resulted in a more unified Sales and Marketing strategy going forward.”

In addition, BrightFunnel now helps Tegile’s Marketing team better plan the upcoming year’s budget by thoroughly analyzing data from the previous year, drill down into data more quickly, and confidently report on the campaigns that deliver pipeline and revenue for the business.

Josh summed these improvements up well by saying that “BrightFunnel lets us be more strategic in our decision-making instead of relying on campaign performance guesstimates. Full-funnel attribution and waterfall analysis let us see exactly where we need to focus our marketing efforts in order to increase deal velocity and move more opportunities through the funnel to closed-won.”

Check out Tegile’s full customer success story to read more about how their Marketing and Sales teams were able to work better together by relying on data.

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How Cloudera Makes Smarter Marketing Decisions Faster: A Multi-Touch Success Story

How Cloudera Makes Smarter Marketing Decisions Faster: A Multi-Touch Success Story

It’s a simple concept: Find out what’s working, do more of it, and see success rates go up.

A good example of this in practice is through Cloudera’s marketing org, which has mastered the science of figuring out which tactics work the best throughout their buyer’s journey. After implementing multi-touch attribution and ABM measurement, 16 individuals on the team are now empowered to dig deeper into the true impact of their work. “Everyone can now derive better insights, make more data-driven decisions, and allocate resources more intelligently,” Cloudera’s Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations Ravi Shrestha said about their progress.

But how did they get to such a great place?

Entering a period of rapid growth, data management and analytics company Cloudera needed to become more data-driven in its marketing efforts. There simply wasn’t room for educated guesses or gut feelings — they had to know precisely what would or wouldn’t work. After failed attempts with both manual spreadsheets and expensive BI software, the team got even more specific with its wish list. They needed a single solution that would:

1. Easily connect marketing efforts to pipeline and revenue

2. Use minimal time and resources to deliver that full picture

3. Standardize in-house measurement for everyone across the team

4. Pinpoint Marketing’s most effective strategies

“We realized we wanted a real out of the box solution that answered our attribution needs and was easy to use and implement,” said Ravi.

Because BI was proving to be an unpromising alternative to manual spreadsheets — too costly and complicated to be sustainable as the company continued to grow — the team turned to BrightFunnel to help solve for its attribution problem. And just like that, everything changed.

The platform was up and running in just weeks, so the team immediately gained insights that would go on to inform their overarching strategies and individual campaigns. Multi-touch attribution gave the Cloudera marketing organization a more complete, in-depth view of their specific buyer’s journey, which helped them make more informed decisions about where to focus resources. The time it took to generate reports was shortened from hours (sometimes even days) to just seconds. And maybe best of all, the platform democratized measurement, allowing everyone on the team from demand generation specialists to field marketers to make smarter, more confident calls in less time. As Ravi put it, “This is revolutionary from a marketing perspective.”

In short, BrightFunnel ticked off every single box on Cloudera’s wishlist — and then some.

Learn even more about how Cloudera’s data-driven marketing team found ABM and multi-touch attribution success with BrightFunnel by reading the full customer story.

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How Nimble Storage Drove A 128% Increase in Marketing-Influenced Bookings with BrightFunnel

How Nimble Storage Drove A 128% Increase in Marketing-Influenced Bookings with BrightFunnel

Today we’re excited to publish the latest addition to our customer success series with brand a case study. Read on for an overview of how Nimble Storage was able to drive 128% increase in booking with BrightFunnel, or download the full case study today!


Serving more than 5,500 enterprises, governments, and service providers across 49 countries, Nimble Storage is redefining the flash storage market.  A data-driven organization, Nimble knew that the ability to more effectively analyze and interpret marketing performance would be a necessity in order to meet aggressive company-wide goals.

Nimble Storage faced several challenges that they knew could hinder their ability to reach these goals. These challenges ranged from ineffective campaign attribution in their CRM and Marketing Automation solutions, lack of insight into Marketing’s impact on pipeline and bookings, and the inability to seamlessly share and collaborate across the organization.

“Our marketing mix is diverse and constantly evolving. Despite growing investments significantly from quarter to quarter, we lacked a way to effectively measure Marketing’s impact on bookings,” says Dan Leary, VP of Worldwide Marketing at Nimble Storage.


Nimble Storage Marketing Attribution Report

To overcome these challenges, Nimble Storage partnered with BrightFunnel to do what their CRM and Marketing Automation couldn’t: analyze multi-touch attribution across the buyer’s journey. Moving beyond the limitations of their CRM, they were granted full visibility into campaign history, ROI, trends, and campaign-specific performance—helping them finally connect marketing activity to bookings.


Using BrightFunnel, the company’s marketing leaders gained the ability to easily understand performance with a single, consolidated view into their team’s influence across activities. With the ability to measure marketing impact using account-based, multi-touch attribution—rather than single-touch models—Nimble was able to:

  • Increase impact: BrightFunnel insights guided decisions that helped increase Marketing’s total impact on bookings by 128%.
  • Improve visibility: For the first time, the entire marketing team
    and management had visibility into Marketing’s impact.
  • Make data-driven investments: Nimble gained insights that allowed them to invest confidently, increasing marketing spend by 30% to improve top-of-funnel demand generation.
  • And more…

“Data-driven decision making has always been a foundation of Nimble Storage’s success. Partnering with BrightFunnel, we gained valuable new insights into how Marketing’s activities were actually impacting business. As a result, we’re making smarter investments armed with the confidence that our decisions will support continued, rapid growth.” 

– Dan Leary, VP of Marketing, Nimble Storage

To learn more about how they achieved these impressive results with BrightFunnel, download the full case study today!

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BrightFunnel — We’re Crushing It, and We’re Hiring: Join Us!

BrightFunnel — We’re Crushing It, and We’re Hiring: Join Us!

There comes a time in every successful startup’s trajectory that things seem to fall in place. It’s often described as “achieving Product-Market fit.” We seem to be in that place right now—but I’m not sure I’m crazy about that expression, as it sounds very absolute, binary, and clinical. We’re an enterprise SaaS company, not a hit-driven consumer app. So instead of celebrating the reaching of a mountain-top, it feels more like we’ve earned an entry into playoffs. Now it’s up to us to make it to the Super Bowl.

And that’s where you come in. Over the next 12 months, we will need to make many key hires. Most of those will come after we become profitable (most likely in Q4 of this year), but a few are immediate needs. This is a unique opportunity to join a startup that has achieved product-market fit, but still has the upside associated with a seed-stage startup.

Immediate Needs

  • Full Stack Marketer / Head of Marketing — We are hiring a mid-level full-stack marketer, who is data driven, an SEM and demand generation wizard, proficient in GA and Marketo, but also has a flair for putting together effective messaging and programs. This person also has to be able to be a thought leader and model best practice demand gen and use of BrightFunnel.
  • Enterprise Sales — We are currently a sales team of two, a head of sales, and one account executive. And we’re looking to bring on one more enterprise sales executive immediately, to help us handle our pipeline. We are aiming for a mid to senior level person. Competitiveness and hustle is an absolute must. As is the ability to sell to senior executives.

Medium Term Needs (3-6 mos)

  • Enterprise Customer Success
  • Front-End Developer
  • Full Stack Engineer 
  • Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  • Product Marketing Manager / Director

While those are our immediate needs we are always looking for great talent.  So we want to hear from you! If you want to learn more, or feel that you or someone you know may be a good fit for any of the above, email us today (with resume) at jobs [at] brightfunnel [dot] com!

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BrightFunnel Case Study: ServiceMax Gains Total Visibility to Marketing’s Impact on Sales

BrightFunnel Case Study: ServiceMax Gains Total Visibility to Marketing’s Impact on Sales

“Salesforce was only telling us a small portion of Marketing’s impact on sales. With BrightFunnel, we get the complete picture.”Janelle Donovan
—Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing

The Challenge

ServiceMax helps companies like Coca Cola Enterprises and Tyco transform their field service organization to deliver fast and effective service that increases customer satisfaction and ultimately drives service revenue. As a B2B company, their marketing organization needed to be able to tie spend to revenue, but the team faced key challenges:

  • Having deeper visibility than could be provided by alone.
  • Getting a complete view of marketing’s impact at every stage of the funnel;
  • Measuring campaign spends, direct impact on pipeline and revenue;

The Solution

ServiceMax turned to BrightFunnel to uncover what was happening throughout the lead lifecycle.

By connecting BrightFunnel to their CRM, ServiceMax could easily tie marketing spend to revenue and pipeline. Now actionable insights, by region or segment, were available instantly without having to run time-consuming reports and manipulate data in excel. “We relied on endless manual calculations and spreadsheets to derive campaign attribution,” said Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing at ServiceMax, “and understanding the velocity of lead to sale was impossible to do before.”

BrightFunnel’s multi-touch campaign attribution was a big win which ultimately drove more awareness in sales on the impact of key marketing campaigns. Donovan explains that the volume of campaigns being run often creates noise within the sales organization, resulting in too many factors to push to a prospect or account at any given time. In order to break through the noise, she needed to surface specific data on the most valuable campaign types. Using BrightFunnel, Donovan’s team revealed that every closed/won deal has included at least two live touches—such as roadshows or conferences—during the buyers’ journey.

The ROI for live events was clear and the spend, justified. Not only has Donovan captured sales’ attention, the sales team is now highly motivated to get their prospects to attend, knowing that there’s a direct correlation between events attended and the likelihood to a closed deal.

The Results

BrightFunnel has allowed ServiceMax to fully understand how their marketing efforts translate to pipeline.

Understanding the velocity of lead to sale was impossible to do before.”Janelle Donovan
—Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing

  • Every dollar spent can be mapped to campaign investments along the buyers’ journey.
  • With an understanding of which campaigns drive pipeline, they can identify revenue levers and optimize accordingly.
  • They have clarity into the middle of their funnel, including rich insights which were not possible with Salesforce alone.

“Insights from BrightFunnel will have a huge impact on our planning and budget for 2015,” says Donovan. With a lot of the guesswork taken out of creating next year’s roadmap, the ServiceMax marketing team can focus on optimizing campaigns that they know drive revenue.

To learn more, watch our video interview where ServiceMax’s Janelle Donovan discusses how BrightFunnel saved her team time and helped surface the value of live events for mid-funnel prospects.

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