BrightFunnel Builds Trust Between Tegile’s Marketing, Sales, and Executive Teams

Josh Lucas - Tegile Case Study“BrightFunnel provides the objective data that our Marketing, Sales, and Executive teams need to combat guesswork and subjectivity, allowing us to make intelligent decisions that benefit the overall business.”

Josh Lucas, Marketing Operations Coordinator, Tegile


BrightFunnel has become the trusted source for understanding Marketing’s influence on the company. Tegile’s team is now able to report on and analyze its biggest successes across campaigns, bringing Sales and Marketing together behind valuable — and indisputable — metrics in the process.

  • Better plan the upcoming year’s event budget by thoroughly analyzing the previous year’s data

  • Agree with Sales on what a quality lead looks like and which campaigns will bring the most ROI

  • Drill down into data more quickly, cutting down the time it took to prepare for and conduct reporting meetings

  • Clean up their database and normalize campaign types, resulting in more trust from the executive team

  • Confidently report on the campaigns that deliver pipeline and revenue

The Challenge

Tegile Systems — a leading provider of enterprise flash storage systems with over 200 employees — needed more objective data to show how Marketing was performing. The team believed it was hitting its goals, but because the company wasn’t surpassing its collective goals, the numbers just didn’t add up. Sales and Marketing couldn’t agree on what a qualified lead looked like, KPIs were siloed, and the Executive team didn’t trust Marketing’s reports because there was a lack of normalization within the database.

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Tegile Systems is a leading provider of enterprise flash storage solutions that is working to transform enterprise storage by accelerating performance and capacity while balancing economics for server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and database applications. It makes all-flash and hybrid storage arrays that help other organizations eliminate storage silos, simplify storage management, and reduce costs by consolidating all of their workloads onto a single flash platform.

“BrightFunnel lets us be more strategic in our decision-making instead of relying on campaign performance guesstimates. Full-funnel attribution and waterfall analysis let us see exactly where we need to focus our marketing efforts in order to increase deal velocity and move more opportunities through the funnel to closed-won.”

Josh Lucas, Marketing Operations Coordinator, Tegile

Tegile’s Marketing team needed to:

  • Look at metrics that would add value for both Marketing and Sales

  • Report on what they were accomplishing for the business beyond generating leads

  • Normalize and optimize the system of record to inspire more trust in the end results

  • Make better decisions around how to allocate resources

The Solution

Tegile’s Demand Generation team recognized that there was a problem with how Marketing was reporting on its efforts and implemented BrightFunnel as a way to solve for that. Marketing Operations Coordinator Josh Lucas — who was tasked with providing useful data to the team via BrightFunnel — said that one of the key drivers behind the decision was the need to tie Marketing’s efforts to the company’s larger goals. “We wanted to see what was helping to drive Sales and the business. What’s delivering pipeline and revenue? Where should we continue to invest? What isn’t performing as well as we’d thought? These are the kinds of questions we could start digging into with BrightFunnel.”

(Solution and additional results continued in full case study…)

Tegile Case Study - Campaign Performance ScreenshotSAMPLE DATA: 40-20-40 ATTRIBUTION

“The BrightFunnel team uses their expertise to help me do my job really well, and the solution lets me get more done in the same amount of time.”

Josh Lucas, Marketing Operations Coordinator, Tegile


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