BrightFunnel Provides Total Visibility to Marketing’s Impact on Sales at ServiceMax

Janelle Donovan, ServiceMax“Salesforce was only telling us a small portion of Marketing’s impact on sales. With BrightFunnel, we get the complete picture.

Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing, ServiceMax


BrightFunnel’s full-funnel attribution helped ServiceMax fully understand how their marketing efforts were translating to pipeline.

  • Every dollar spent can be mapped to campaign investments along the buyers’ journey.

  • With an understanding of which campaigns drive pipeline, they can identify revenue levers and optimize accordingly.

  • They have clarity into the middle of their funnel, including rich insights which were not possible with Salesforce alone.

The Challenge

ServiceMax helps companies like Coca Cola Enterprises and Tyco transform their field service organization to deliver fast and effective service that increases customer satisfaction and ultimately drives service revenue. As a B2B company, their marketing organization needed to be able to tie spend to revenue, but the team faced key challenges:

  • Discover performance trends and compare against industry averages

  • Understand campaign influence in complex, multi-touch scenarios.

  • Identify revenue levers, make smarter decisions, and justify your spend

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ServiceMax is the only complete field service software solution helping companies of all sizes manage contracts, scheduling, and parts, while also providing solutions for social, portals, and analytics — all delivered in the cloud to any mobile device. They’re rethinking field service, and delivering cutting edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and delight customers.

“Understanding the velocity of lead to sale was impossible to do before. Insights from BrightFunnel will have a huge impact on our planning and budget for the coming year.”

Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing, ServiceMax

The Solution

ServiceMax turned to BrightFunnel to uncover what was happening throughout the lead lifecycle.

By connecting BrightFunnel to their CRM, ServiceMax could easily tie marketing spend to revenue and pipeline. Now actionable insights, by region or segment, were available instantly without having to run time-consuming reports and manipulate data in excel. “We relied on endless manual calculations and spreadsheets to derive campaign attribution,” said Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing at ServiceMax, “and understanding the velocity of lead to sale was impossible to do before.”

BrightFunnel’s multi-touch campaign attribution was a big win which ultimately drove more awareness in sales on the impact of key marketing campaigns. Donovan explains that the volume of campaigns being run often creates noise within the sales organization, resulting in too many factors to push to a prospect or account at any given time. In order to break through the noise, she needed to surface specific data on the most valuable campaign types. Using BrightFunnel, Donovan’s team revealed that every closed/won deal has included at least two live touches—such as roadshows or conferences—during the buyers’ journey.

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