Nimble Storage Drives 128% Increase in Marketing-Influenced Bookings with BrightFunnel

Dan Leary“Data-driven decision making has always been a foundation of Nimble Storage’s success. Partnering with BrightFunnel, we gained valuable new insights into how Marketing’s activities were actually impacting business. As a result, we’re making smarter investments armed with the confidence that our decisions will support continued, rapid growth.

Dan Leary, VP of Worldwide Marketing, Nimble Storage


Partnering with BrightFunnel allowed Nimble Storage to fully understand how their marketing efforts translate to bookings. With BrightFunnel, the company was able to:

  • Increase impact: BrightFunnel insights guided decisions that helped increase Marketing’s total impact on bookings by 128%.

  • Improve visibility: For the first time, the entire marketing team and management had visibility into Marketing’s impact.

  • Data-driven investments: Nimble gained insights that allowed them to invest confidently, increasing marketing spend by 30% to improve top-of-funnel demand generation.

  • Implement data-driven processes: Demand generation and field marketing initiatives are now launched with data-backed metrics for a specific business segment or region.

The Challenge

Coming into the year, Nimble Storage faced aggressive company-wide goals. As a data-driven organization, Nimble knew that the ability to more effectively analyze and interpret marketing performance would be a necessity and that the insights gained could help them optimize spend, improve marketing effectiveness, and drive rapid growth in bookings. According to Dan Leary, Nimble Storage’s VP of Marketing, “Our marketing mix is diverse and constantly evolving. Despite growing investments significantly from quarter to quarter, we lacked a way to effectively measure Marketing’s impact on the business.”


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“BrightFunnel helped us automate manual analysis, saving us 10 or more hours a week. With new insights into campaign performance and newly freed hours, we were able to optimize investments and proactively plan future campaigns.

Bharath Srinivasan, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage’s existing CRM and Marketing Automation solutions made it extremely difficult to properly attribute marketing influence. This challenge was especially relevant amongst leads and contacts not explicitly associated with an opportunity. “The complexity of our sales cycle, typically involving multiple stakeholders, requires that Marketing engage prospects from first touch to sale,” says Bharath Srinivasan, Nimble’s Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations, “Without multi-touch attribution at an account level, we knew we would never be able to accurately gauge marketing effectiveness.”

Specific challenges faced by Nimble Storage included:

  • Limited visibility into Marketing’s impact on pipeline and bookings
  • CRM and Marketing Automation solutions were ineffective for proper campaign attribution
  • Lacked historical benchmarks for campaign attribution by channel and across the buyer’s journey
  • Inability to easily share and collaborate on insights across the organization

The Solution

Nimble Storage partnered with BrightFunnel to uncover insight into Marketing’s total impact on pipeline and bookings. Using BrightFunnel, the company’s marketing leaders could now easily understand performance with a single, consolidated view into their team’s influence across activities. A global organization, the ability for Nimble to analyze campaign performance by customer geography and segment was critical, and BrightFunnel provided the ability for deeper segmentation and analysis than was previously thought possible. By helping Nimble not only understand Marketing’s global impact, but also how activities were influencing specific segments—e.g., midmarket vs. Enterprise, new vs. existing business, NA vs. EMEA—BrightFunnel helped facilitate smarter company-wide and segment-specific investment decisions.

Nimble Storage Multi-Touch Attribution

Using BrightFunnel, Nimble Storage gained the ability to analyze multi-touch attribution at the account level, without having to rely on sales reps to attach contacts to opportunities. In addition to account-based attribution, BrightFunnel enabled the side by side comparison of four different attribution models: traditional single-touch (first and last) as well as multi-touch models (even-weighted and 40-20-40). The configurability provided by BrightFunnel allowed Nimble to define exactly what constitutes valid marketing influence based on the degree to which a prospect engaged with a campaign and when that interaction took place. This flexibility ensured attribution accuracy and helped Nimble understand the true influence of campaigns across the buyer’s journey.

BrightFunnel also provided insight into how individual campaigns had influenced leads, opportunities, and deals. With an easy-to-use drill path into campaign history, ROI, and trends, Nimble’s Marketing Team was granted full visibility into campaign-specific performance, unencumbered by the limitations of their CRM. Custom user modes and easily shareable reports improved visibility across the organization and Nimble was able to cut the time required to prepare and analyze marketing performance in half, saving the company anywhere from 10 to 20 hours each week. This renewed availability allowed Marketing to spend more time making important investment decisions, and less time combing through data.

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Nimble Storage Case Study

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