Invoca Gets Marketing Insights 130x Faster with BrightFunnel Multi-Touch Attribution

Julia Stead, Invoca“Advanced marketing analytics reports used to take a week for our business intelligence analyst to build – now I can pull them myself in just minutes in BrightFunnel.”

Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation, Invoca


With BrightFunnel’s help, Invoca was able to clearly see the impact of marketing efforts on pipeline throughout the funnel. With BrightFunnel, Invoca experienced:

  • Time to value: BrightFunnel was up and running in a matter of weeks and delivered the advanced marketing analytics Invoca needed.

  • Instant, deep marketing insights: BrightFunnel is easy to use and accessible so everyone from the VP of Marketing to the field marketing team can access powerful insights.

  • Data-driven marketing investments: Invoca’s team can now accurately follow a multi-touch attribution model, and deploy marketing spend based on a clear picture of campaign effectiveness throughout all stages of the funnel.


Invoca is a fast growing B2B SaaS company that provides intelligence for marketers to track and optimize inbound phone calls. In the past three years, Julia Stead, Director of Marketing, watched the company grow 1100% and the marketing team grow 12x. Along with this growth, the Marketing team had to dramatically advance the way they measured and optimized channel and campaign strategies, to keep pace with growing marketing investment and complexity.

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Invoca helps the modern marketer optimize for the most important step in the customer journey: the phone call. With Invoca’s Call Intelligence platform, marketers can get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, gain realtime intelligence about who’s calling and analyze what’s being said in conversations. Marketers can put this data to work directly in the platform by automating the ideal
customer experience before, during and after each call. With an ecosystem of over 30 technology partners, marketers can inject call intelligence into their existing technology stack, giving them the ability to orchestrate a true omnichannel customer journey.

“I love what I get out of BrightFunnel and I’d guess that we’re only using 30% of it currently. I’m excited for our team to use it in new ways, particularly as we continue to dive deeper into Revenue Forecasting and Account-Based Marketing.”

Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation, Invoca


The Challenge

As the company grew, they realized that they needed to move past a first touch attribution model. According to Julia, “If Sales Prospecting was the lead source for a lead but a marketing campaign got the lead to engage, Marketing didn’t get credit. That was the ‘a ha moment’ for us.” The Marketing team was investing in more and more marketing activities that influence prospects throughout the entire path to purchase, like email nurturing, webinars and field marketing. But, they had very little visibility and zero ROI attribution into the impact of these efforts that weren’t a first-touch lead source.

Given Invoca’s product focus, measurement and analytics is really in the company’s DNA. Julia says, “Overall across the organization, whether it be Marketing, Sales, Finance or Engineering, the whole company is focused on being data-driven. In Marketing we’re tasked with making sure everything we do, every bit of spend, no matter how large or small is quantified by actual metrics.” This was a real challenge with their existing marketing automation/CRM infrastructure which led to a lot of manual work.

Julia’s team struggled with the hassle of manual marketing program analysis, and the fact that it simply wasn’t scalable. Being a data-driven organization, they wanted to look at these programs in aggregate and on the individual level. They wanted to see their impact quarter over quarter. What’s the average velocity of leads coming from the paid search channel? Which channels influence the largest amount of pipeline? What’s the pipeline to spend ratio for all over the webinar programs? Much of this was done manually which took a lot of time and effort, or wasn’t being done at all.

Challenges the Invoca Marketing team faced included:

  • Lack of visibility into marketing impact on pipeline past lead source

  • Existing marketing automation/CRM reporting infrastructure did not support Invoca’s data-driven, multi-touch attribution approach

  • Manual marketing program analysis

The Solution

Invoca partnered with BrightFunnel to fully understand and optimize Marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue across all their channels. In less than a month, Invoca’s Marketing team was up and running with the BrightFunnel platform. According to Julia, “BrightFunnel takes a critical concept with a complicated execution, and makes it simple so it’s easy to act on.

Invoca’s marketing team was now able to shift from a basic lead source-based model to looking at overall marketing influence of their programs via a “40-20-40” multi-touch attribution model. They were able to see all the campaigns that influenced a prospect (and her colleagues) on their path to purchasing Invoca. This full-funnel window into marketing performance was critical for decision-making as they deployed spend across a wide variety of channels. Now, their goal of getting accurate, quantifiable ROI data for every dollar spent was actually an achievable task.

casestudy_clouderascreenshotSAMPLE DATA: 40-20-40 ATTRIBUTION

“Time to value is a huge benefit of BrightFunnel. It’s pretty easy to set up and the on-boarding is great. It does everything we wanted quickly and easily.”

Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation, Invoca

Invoca’s entire Marketing team now had quick, immediate access to robust multi-touch attribution and forecasting reporting. Decision-making across the marketing organization, from distributing spend effectively across channels to optimizing trade show campaigns, was now supported by these deep marketing insights that would have taken several days to generate in the past. For a fast-growing company like Invoca, this speed-to-insights is critical.

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