Cloudera’s Marketing Team Accelerates Its Decision-Making with BrightFunnel

casestudy_headshot_ravi“BrightFunnel works as the operating system for Cloudera’s entire Marketing organization. Everyone on the team can now derive better insights, make more data-driven decisions, and allocate resources more intelligently.”

Ravi Shrestha, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, Cloudera


Using BrightFunnel’s marketing attribution, Cloudera makes more informed marketing decisions with a complete picture of performance.

  • Sales and Marketing are now more aligned than ever and can see which tactics are most effective when going after target accounts
  • 16 people across the Marketing team are able to use the product to analyze the results of their own individual campaigns
  • The team now understands exactly what goes on during the sales cycle and what impacts the velocity of a lead
  • Time-consuming manual processes have been replaced with real-time performance reports that can be pulled in a matter of seconds


Cloudera is a leading B2B software company that delivers data management and analytics to businesses with their Apache Hadoop-based platform. Cloudera has experienced explosive growth in the past few years, highlighted by their raising over $1 billion in funding. To support this growth, Cloudera’s marketing team has a forward-thinking Marketing Operations lead in Ravi Shrestha who was tasked with building processes and a marketing technology stack that could power a truly data-driven approach across the team.

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“BrightFunnel lets us dig deeper into the anatomy of every deal. We can now develop strategies around what we can clearly see is working well both individually and across the board.”

Ravi Shrestha, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, Cloudera

The Challenge

As Cloudera shifted into hyper-growth mode, it was more critical than ever to understand the impact of all of their marketing investments. This would ensure that they optimized channels so revenue targets were hit as the company scaled. As marketing automation and the CRM could not effectively connect the breadth of marketing efforts to pipeline and revenue, Ravi and the Marketing team first attempted to tackle the marketing attribution problem using Business Intelligence software. Even with a team of business operations specialists and data scientists, and months of effort, the result fell short. Ravi says, “Spreadsheets and BI software was only getting us halfway to multi-touch attribution. In the end we realized it was taking too much time — sometimes even days, depending on what we wanted to see — and the information was immediately out of date.” Without an easy-to-use, accurate measurement and analytics tool, the team lacked visibility into campaign performance and couldn’t report on the metrics that mattered. Cloudera needed a way to:

  • Understand how all marketing efforts tied to pipeline and revenue
  • Cut back on the amount of time and resources it took to see this full marketing picture
  • Standardize in-house measurement of campaign performance for everyone across the organization
  • Drill down into specific target accounts and deals to pinpoint the most effective strategies

The Solution

After several months trying to make the BI solution work, Cloudera’s Marketing team turned to BrightFunnel. According to Ravi, “We realized we wanted a real out of the box solution that answered our attribution needs and was easy to use and implement.” Up and running in a matter of weeks, BrightFunnel gave Ravi and the team the visibility they needed to understand the performance of their investments. With multi-touch attribution, they were finally capturing the full buyer story and had a true sense of marketing ROI.

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casestudy_clouderascreenshotSAMPLE DATA: 40-20-40 ATTRIBUTION

Cloudera Case Study

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