Funnelside Chats Presents: Jill Rowley

On the latest episode of the Funnelside Chats podcast, hosted by our CEO Nadim Hossain, guest Jill Rowley gives listeners the rundown on social selling, personalization, and what it takes to be a successful salesperson in the modern age. Jill describes herself as “a...

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Funnelside Chats Presents: Jon Miller

This week, we launched our podcast series, Funnelside Chats, which features top thought leaders from across the B2B landscape alongside our Co-Founder and CEO Nadim Hossain. Here at BrightFunnel, we’re really excited about this podcast for several reasons, but one of...

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Why I’m Dreaming at BrightFunnel

My time at Bizo was likely the most important experience of my life—I mourn it like I would a death in the family. 7.5 years ago, when they were around 15 people, I joined Bizo  as the first product guy. We grew the company to 150 wonderful “Bizonians,” became experts...

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How to Rock Your End-of-Quarter Reporting

It’s that time again—long weeknights, multiple cups of coffee, and various unpleasantries thrown at Excel as marketers scramble to pull together our end-of-quarter reporting, right? Trying to pull together the marketing metrics that matter at the end of each quarter...

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Revenue Rockstar: Max Altschuler

It's no secret that having a healthy pipeline can help you exceed your revenue goals—but what is it that keeps your pipeline healthy? SDRs! Sales development teams are responsible for initiating their business’ sales cycles, and those who run these hard-working...

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The Big Problem for Marketers Reporting in SFDC

To learn more about why reporting in SFDC is bad news for marketers, download our new ebook. Salesforce can’t tell the complex and unique story of how marketing’s efforts have influenced all the decision-makers on an account. And the problem lies in its inability to...

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5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at B2BMX 2017

While we might be in the midst of a rainy season in San Francisco (and in most parts of the country), we can’t wait to escape the cold and heat up our marketing at the B2B Marketing Exchange event in Scottsdale! Each year, this event gathers marketing practitioners in...

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Featured Case Study: BrightFunnel Builds Trust Between Tegile’s Marketing, Sales, and Executive Teams

BrightFunnel Builds Trust Between Tegile’s Marketing, Sales, and Executive Teams


What Did You Get For That Event You Spent $50k On?

What Did You Get For That Event You Spent $50k On?

Event season is in full swing and our own marketing team has been completely heads down working on the logistics around all the events we are sponsoring in Q2. In the next two weeks alone we have two events--Martech, which we just completed this week, and...

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