Get the total picture of Marketing’s impact on revenue.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Accurately measure impact on pipeline and revenue, and…

  • Compare marketing channel performance—single vs. multi-touch.
  • Analyze quarter to quarter trends across marketing channels.
  • Assess pipeline and revenue impact—account-based attribution and/or opportunity role based.

Campaign Performance

We’ll show you what’s working, and…

  • Which channels and specific campaigns are most effective in sourcing MQL’s, pipeline and deals.
  • How are my top performing campaigns trending—for new business vs existing or across business units?
  • Assess the campaign history of any specific opportunity—how many touches and across which marketing channels?

Revenue Attribution

Track progress across buyer’s journey stages, and…

  • What percentage of my MQLs become Opportunities, and how long do they take?
  • How does my current performance compare with past trends, and am I on track?
  • What can I expect my SQL to Closed/Won conversion rate to be next quarter?

Planning and Prediction

Plan against goals and forecast future outcomes, and…

  • Forecast how much pipeline and revenue marketing will generate in any given period.
  • Compare actual quarterly performance vs. historical performance, across channels and or for any given channel.

Data and Process

Ensure clean data and process, and…

  • Identify potential gaps in your data.
  • Overcome bad historical data without having to change it all.
  • Handle ongoing process gaps.
  • Surface insights across a complex web of account and campaign hierarchies, globally.


Identify messages that work, and…

  • Know which investments to make now to achieve targets and company goals.
  • A/B test messaging and themes across segments.

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