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Powered by Industry’s Only Full-Funnel Attribution Platform, Combining Advertising, Web, Marketing and Sales Activity

Capture the complete account picture

BrightFunnel now captures True Full-Funnel Attribution. This includes the breadth of trackable buyer activity including web and advertising activity, marketing campaigns and Sales activity. Are prospects at your target account visiting the website? Are marketing campaigns engaging a target account effectively? Is Sales following up? It’s all here. Alerts on engaged accounts are automated as well.

BrightFunnel True, Full-Funnel Attribution

Understand Marketing effectiveness and engagement at target accounts

Understand which marketing channels and campaigns have been most effective against target accounts based on past campaigns. Rather than flying blind into ABM, you can base your decisions on real historical data. You can also immediately understand how engaged accounts are and identify underlying trends so you can action them appropriately.

Understand engagement at the account level

Drill down into individual accounts to get a clear picture of the impact of your marketing efforts on the account level. Assess the account’s Engagement Fingerprint to see which channels drive engagement and the kind of contacts you’re reaching. Understand which advertising campaigns are most effective.

Coordinate Sales & Marketing efforts and take action

With a greater understanding of what’s really happening at target accounts, Sales and Marketing are now in a much better position to act. A single ABM platform also allows the teams to communicate effectively. Does a salesperson need Marketing help getting a specific target account engaged? They can now press a button and “call in airstrikes.” Has Marketing identified a particularly engaged account? Notify Sales.

Monitor the ABM picture at a glance with the Executive Dashboard

Your CMO and executive team can now see at a glance if ABM is helping deals close faster or increasing conversions, all in the context of the full marketing picture.

Wanna see BrightFunnel in action?

Request a demo to see BrightFunnel for yourself and learn how easy it is to finally connect marketing to revenue.

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