BrightFunnel Unveils the ABM Command Center for Marketing AND Sales

Powered by Industry’s Only Full-Funnel Attribution Platform, Combining Advertising, Web, Marketing and Sales Activity

By Nadim Hossain | May 10, 2016 — San Francisco, CA


I’m proud to announce BrightFunnel’s ABM Command Center, a single platform for Marketing and Sales teams to orchestrate their ABM strategy and tactics. This is the only platform that fully combines Web, Advertising, Marketing and Sales activity in one place, enabling true, “full-funnel” revenue attribution. As a result, Marketing and Sales are now able to understand — and act on — buyer activity at their target accounts in a coordinated way. We believe this coordinated effort maximizes the effectiveness of a company-wide target account approach.

With this new evolution of BrightFunnel, we’ve expanded the functionality of the platform in some exciting ways.

BrightFunnel’s ABM Command Center allows marketers and salespeople to:

  1. Start an ABM initiative on the right foot: Once you’ve identified your target accounts, use the ABM Command Center to understand which marketing channels and campaigns have been most effective against target accounts based on past campaigns. Rather than flying blind into ABM, you can base your decisions on real historical data. You can also immediately understand how engaged these accounts are and identify underlying trends so you can action them appropriately.
  2. Align Sales and Marketing with the complete account picture:

    Though many may take a siloed, Marketing only approach, ABM is actually a multi-player game that requires close coordination between Sales and Marketing to be most effective. BrightFunnel has expanded the data that the platform captures and analyzes to include True Full-Funnel Attribution. This captures the breadth of trackable buyer activity including web and advertising activity, marketing campaigns and Sales activity. Are prospects at your target account visiting the website? Are marketing campaigns engaging a target account effectively? Is Sales following up? Now you will be able to get the full picture. Alerts on engaged accounts are automated as well.

  3. Take action anywhere: With this greater understanding of what’s really happening at target accounts, Sales and Marketing are now in a much better position to act. A single ABM platform also allows the teams to communicate effectively. Does a salesperson need Marketing help getting a specific target account engaged? They can now press a button and “call in airstrikes.” Has Marketing identified a particularly engaged account? Notify Sales.

“Having been one of the first BrightFunnel ABM Command Center customers, I’m excited to see how we’re now that much closer to this ABM vision of Marketing and Sales truly partnering in a coordinated way to engage and close target accounts.”
– Heather Sutherland, Senior Director Demand Generation, Cloudera

Marketing Account View

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Salesperson Account View

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The B2B world is evolving. The modern Sales rep is like a Navy SEAL while Marketing is the air cover. Until now, there’s been no way for Sales to call in airstrikes. We now provide that system.

Sales and Marketing are stronger together. It’s always been our mission to connect marketing efforts with revenue. Now, with the ABM Command Center, you can coordinate the departments for the maximum revenue benefit and a more unified company.

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